So you want to get rich? Cool, just continue reading, and you will find out the secret. You may be wondering what it could be; investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Investing in real estate? Technology is still evolving, thus creating great opportunities. 

Try to get into E-commerce

E-commerce or electronic commerce is associated with any business on the internet. It is usually further differentiated according to the target group into B2B e-commerce (aimed at merchants) and B2C e-commerce (aimed at end customers). E-commerce includes e-shops and various services such as PayPal and Gopay. Just click here and learn more about the online marketplaces. Bellow, you can find some examples of the best online marketplace places.

Amazon is an online store founded by American computer programmer Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Seattle. Originally a book retailer, it also offers home furnishings, music, movies, electronics, jewelry, and software. Today, is one of the oldest and largest stores of its kind in the world. Jeff Bezos decided to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Internet and the possibility that business transactions could be conducted over the Internet in America.


The most basic information about this portal can be summed up in one sentence: eBay is an online shopping gallery where you can sell or participate in auctions and auctions and online shopping.

On eBay, you can choose from both new and second-hand products, and it is also popular to shop in various sales and sales. A registered client can sell items on eBay that are no longer needed or surplus or auction them off.

There are many different goods to buy on eBay, from fashion and cosmetics to electronics, furniture, and household items to motor vehicles and their parts. 


Chinese store AliExpress offers everything you can think of – from clothes, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics to electronics, rugged phones, car parts, home furnishings, garden accessories, and toys. Imagine the world’s largest shopping mall – you stand in the middle and can’t see either end. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on AliExpress, then it probably doesn’t exist.

AliExpress serves to connect Chinese sellers with foreign customers. You can find items from large manufacturers selling products by the thousands and specific people who handcraft them in their spare time. Because any reliable Chinese seller can sell on AliExpress, you can discover unique goods you can’t buy anywhere else.

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