The Italian investor visa is one of the best ways to reach Italy as an immigrant. It has minimal eligibility requirements and a fast and easy process that lets you in without hassles. It even opens the opportunity to obtain citizenship in the long run, so you can rely on it to fulfill your citizenship goals. If you want to learn more about this immigration option, the entire process is well-explained on website. Besides the process, you must be aware of the money angle because an investor visa involves a hefty investment. Here are the best money tips for immigration aspirants.

Choose your investment alternatives

The Italian investor visa is investment-based, so you must know your options and choose wisely. The good thing is that you have multiple alternatives, and one of them will match your spending capacity. So even the golden visa need not be out of your reach despite funding limitations. You can get in without spending millions as the starting option for the investor visa. For example, you may spend €250,000 as an investment in an innovative startup.

Have valid proof of funds

Experts recommend having valid proof of funds at hand, even before starting the process. You need not bring the money during the application stage, but you must prove your financial capacity to obtain a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. Bank statements showing adequate deposits in your name are enough to get you through the process without hassles.

Be ready with the money on landing

Another money tip you must follow is to be ready with the committed investment on landing in Italy. Once you land with the investor visa and get a residence permit, you will have only three months to bring in the funds. Not bringing in the funds within the deadline can lead to the revocation of your investor visa and residence permit. So be sure to have the money at hand.

No additional investment for family members

Most immigrants want to move with their families, but immigration costs are a daunting concern. With the Italian investor visa, you need not spend a massive sum to bring your family members to Italy. You do not require additional investment for your dependents. You can get them along with the same process without more money, so starting afresh with your loved ones is easier than you imagine.

Retain the funds for citizenship goals

An investor visa makes an excellent choice for people with citizenship goals in the long run. You become eligible for the Italian passport after staying in the country for a decade. But remember that money plays a significant role here as you will have to retain your original investment in the country during the transitional phase. An expert can guide you about the formalities through these stages of temporary and permanent residence.

Following these money tips can make the investor visa process a breeze from a financial perspective. You can seek advice from an immigration professional to ensure no delays and errors. Paying them is worthwhile because they can ease the entire journey for you.

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