Major accident-related injuries harm people not only physically, emotionally, and intellectually, but also financially and professionally. Many individuals who are involved in accidents suffer from a lack of income as a result of the event, since they may have to put up with financial strains, or be out of work for some time.

Financial support and guidance is essential after an accident, but what financial support services are available after undergoing a serious or major accident and suffering an injury as a result? Many people who have experienced injury from an accident feel that they receive very little, or no financial support at all afterwards. So, here are some financial support services that are available after you’ve had an accident.

Are you already covered?

Before we go through the available support services after an accident, make sure you check with your financial advisor or employer that you are not already covered by insurance, such as group critical illness cover, for injury caused by an accident.

Workplace support service

Your employer may give further financial assistance if you are unable to work, on top of statutory sick pay. If this is the case, it will normally be addressed in an HR policy aimed to help employees who have been injured and are unable to work. Your business may also have a medical care plan in place that can assist you in receiving appropriate treatment for your injuries, so ask your manager about any financial assistance options.

Statutory sick pay

If the injury you sustain from an accident prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay for up to 28 weeks. SSP is paid by your employer for any days that you are unable to work due to illness or injury, which are essentially days that you qualify. You must meet specific eligibility conditions and criteria to receive statutory sick pay, however, so you check the government website to see whether you qualify for it.

Make personal injury claims

If your accident-related injury was not your fault and was caused by someone else, then you could be eligible for compensation. This must be done as quickly as possible, however, since legal action has strict time constraints. It is essential to seek guidance to determine whether you’re entitled to file a claim.

Income protection insurance

The loss of income following an accident could be substantial if you are self-employed, or if your company does not provide financial help or support services, which is why many people obtain income protection insurance. This allows individuals to receive financial assistance if they are unable to work due to an illness or injury. Income protection insurance pays you a certain proportion of your income until you can return to work. If you already have income protection insurance, you could be able to claim after having an accident.

If you don’t have a policy in place, it’s doubtful that an insurer would let you apply for one and file a claim right away if your accident has occurred already. However, it’s worth obtaining one for the future.

Charities and free support

Several charities are also available to provide free financial support and guidance for all situations, including after an accident.

Overall, those who have been involved in an accident have numerous financial support services available to them. Make sure you research each option thoroughly to see which systems might work best for you.

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