Anyone who has spent a lifetime at work wants to enjoy a well-deserved rest. There are some countries where it is worth moving to, especially after you retire.

What are the best countries to enjoy your retirement pension? It is time to analyze the best destinations in the world where you can move to based on the forecast of the likely pension income you’ll get when you retire.

How to classify the best countries to enjoy retirement?

There are some parameters to consider before moving after retiring. A pensioner should consider the tax benefits of another nation. Some countries in the world offer low rates. In this way, a person can get a good monthly income and live a wealthy life. Therefore, those who wish to move must inquire about the tax system in the chosen destination.

Besides, it is essential to find out about the climate. A person should choose to move to a country with a mild climate. The temperatures must be constant and balanced during all the months of the year. In this way, you can enjoy absolute relaxation.

Moreover, anyone should consider the facilities in the area. It is a good idea to choose a city where there are hospitals, supermarkets, clinics, and restaurants. Now, let’s look at the best countries to move to.

The first choice: Portugal

Portugal is the first destination to choose. This country offers many benefits to pensioners. Those who choose to live in Portugal can enjoy preferential taxation. In particular, pensioners can take advantage of a fixed 10% tax on their pension. That’s why many people migrate from their homeland to reach this country.

Also, some areas of Portugal enjoy a pleasant climate. The southern region of this nation, called the Algarve, is known worldwide for its phenomenal climate and golden beaches. Simply put, those who decide to move to this area to enjoy their pension can be satisfied.

Spain and Canary Islands

Spain is a common destination among pensioners in Europe. In some areas of the Iberian country, the quality of life is exceptional. Many love to live in Andalusia, in the wonderful Malaga. Others love to move to the charming Barcelona or the small towns of Costa Daurada. However, the most popular destination for pensioners is Tenerife.

Besides, in Tenerife, you can enjoy a pension tax of 14%. Furthermore, the Spanish Government grants new residents exemptions and bonuses for the first few years. Thanks to these facilities, you can settle in Spain and enjoy the wonders of the landscape.

Costa Rica: the best destination to move to?

Costa Rica is a natural paradise. This country is fabulous, it has extraordinary landscapes, anyone can be amazed by watching them. Besides, it has the best health service in Latin America. Regardless, the best advantage of this country is the exemption from pension taxes.

Those who receive foreign income or pension are not subject to deductions. In short, this would be enough to consider Costa Rica the best nation for pensioners.

Malta: a jewel of the Mediterranean Sea

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is full of facilities and people are welcoming. Also, there are about 300 sunny days in a year.

The taxation of pensions is at 15%. In addition, the cost of living is not very high, everyone can live a comfortable life without effort.

Mexico: a cheap nation

Mexico is a very cheap country. Experts claim that a retired couple can live on about 150 pounds a month. Furthermore, the nation’s health facilities are reliable.

So, with a decent inn, you can live at your best in Mexico. In addition, you can admire amazing areas such as the Quintana Roo region.

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