CBD is an established food supplement that has been making the rounds in public for a while now. There are published journals and scientific research to suggest that there are benefits to using CBD in products, but that does not make it automatically easy to market.
There are some intricate difficulties when it comes to marketing CBD products, so for those who are looking for a guide to help navigate them, this is the piece for you. Read on to find out some top tips on marketing CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a compound found in the hemp plant. It is currently used in a variety of products such as sweets and vape juice, and is also sold on its own in the form of oil or capsules. It is not a psychoactive substance in the way that THC is, and will not create a ‘high’.

What is the Market for CBD Like Currently?

Despite the fact that the UK law is a little stringent when it comes to CBD and subsequential products, the industry is booming.

Products that are shipped in from other countries have to be checked to ensure that they comply with UK standards, but since CBD has gained more popularity in the past few years, the UK has become a reliable source of CBD, and shops have been popping up everywhere in order to satiate this new need for hemp compounds.

According to a report released by the Centre for Medical Cannabis, there were around 1.3 million regular users of CBD in the UK before the pandemic hit, with 6 million having tried it within the previous year

Hire the Experts

Marketing is no easy feat, whatever industry you specialise in. There is now so much to consider and so many skills required to make marketing a brand and a product successful, that sourcing outside help is always a great idea.

CBD can be particularly tricky, as you must adhere to rules about making claims and discussing CBD in a medical context, and you must also make sure you can back up anything you are saying with an authoritative and verified link. Head over to www.clickintelligence.co to chat with some SEO marketing experts for more information!


Solidify Your Brand

As with any company battling in a crowded market (which CBD is surely on its way to becoming), you will want to stand out. Part of standing out means you must solidify your brand and make sure that customers know exactly who you are when they are looking for quality CBD products. There are a lot of dupes and unsubstantiated claims when it comes to CBD, so make sure consumers know yours is a brand they can trust.
Invest in a quality logo, make sure you know exactly what your ethos is and pour that into every product and every marketing material possible; and for bonus points, be sure to make it apparent about any third-party lab testing – anything that lets customers know you are trustworthy and are offering the product you say you are.

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