One of the biggest concerns these days is the sustainability of our environment and our planet. This is why for many years there have been thousands of efforts to make recycling a priority to people and industries. Lindner Recyclingtech is a company that has understood this and has put itself in the front line to facilitate the recycling process with its top-of-the-line machinery.

With more than 70 years of experience on their backs, they are today the leading brand in machinery for material processing in the world. They are experts in recycling and have designed high-volume shredding machines that are a reference within the industry.

Their catalog of machines goes from stationary and mobile equipment (including shredders) up to complete solutions aimed at the processing of plastic and major waste and production of SRF and RDF fuels. And not only that, their R&D department can create customized solutions for specific applications.

Lindner Recyclingtech: A global company.

Lindner is a company with a global reach. They have three state-of-the-art production sites located in Austria where they produce machinery that´s used in over 70 countries around the world, including the USA, UK, Germany, and many others.

These facilities are fully operational and have been recognized all around the world for their high degree of excellence

The Lindner Catalog

The existent catalog covers a wide array of different applications. When it comes to stationary primary shredding, they offer three different solutions to cover any application, Jupiter, the Atlas 500 AS, and Atlas SY. For secondary shredding, they offer the Komet line, with two different versions, the HP and the PK.

If you need a one-step solution stationary shredding, Lindner has you covered with the Polaris, a powerful machine with incredible design to process whatever you need. They also offer universal shredding solutions in machines like the Universo and the Micromat series which incorporates belt designs and powerful motors that have become the industry benchmark. These stationary solutions are adaptable to different situations and are considered good all-around solutions with near-zero downtime. In this range, we can also find the Antares which is a machine that combines robust design and easy maintenance with enormous power making it a top-of-the-line waste processing equipment.

As of lately, mobile shredding has become a must in every catalog or product line, and Lindner has stepped strongly in this sector as well. Their Urraco series has two models, the Urraco 75 and Urraco 95 designer to shred the most difficult materials. They are extremely reliable, with low wear and a reduced maintenance cost. The last mobile solution offered is the Miura, which is a twin-shaft shredder that excels in mobility and performance with easy shaft exchange to prepare the machine for different materials.

Lindner Recyclingtech Spare Parts

Every shredder, no how advanced it could be will eventually need maintenance and replacement parts. Cutmetall is a company that has made a name creating quality replacement parts including Lindner Recycling. Cutmetall has optimized the manufacturing process to match the performance and quality of Lindner shredders, so you can easily find, install and use the replacement part you are needing.

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