If your domain has multiple subdomains, your best bet for SSL security is getting a Wildcard SSL. But what exactly is a Wildcard? That’s what we’ll be diving into in this article. Whether you go for a cheap wildcard SSL certificate or a more expensive equivalent, the same information should apply.


Let’s get started.

Secure unlimited subdomains

The main selling point of a Wildcard SSL is that it encrypts the connection to not only your main domain, but any number of subdomains of one level linked to it. For instance, for “example.com”, such a subdomain would look like “*.example.com”. In fact, there’s no limit to the number of subdomains you can secure. Whether you already have numerous subdomains or plan on creating more later, this is an appealing prospect for many. If you do decide to create new subdomains down the line, you won’t need to do anything with the certificate — it will automatically secure any subdomain connected to your site.

Keep track more easily

While you certainly could secure each of your subdomains with individual single-domain certificates, the more subdomains you have, the more complicated it would likely become. Especially when you consider the latest rules dictating that SSL certificates must be renewed yearly for security purposes. You will need to keep track of each SSL certificate’s expiration date — far easier when you have one Wildcard SSL vs. 10 single SSLs.

Save money

The more subdomains you have, the more likely it is you’ll save money on SSL certificates in the long run by getting a Wildcard SSL. Buying individual SSL certificates can add up. Buying once for a single SSL that secures any number of subdomains is a much better deal.


You can save even more money by getting your SSL from a cheaper vendor over a more expensive one. While expensive stores might reel you in with their promise of “powerful encryption” and the “strongest security” know that it’s just marketing, because all SSL certificates offer the same level of encryption (256 bits, to be specific), no matter their price point. That isn’t to say you should go with any cheap store. Make sure to read reviews first and research their policies and customer service policy first. Most importantly, check that they have a reputable partner Certificate Authority.

Wrap up

You should now understand what a Wildcard SSL is and the multitude of benefits. If you’re someone with multiple subdomains that needs to get them SSL-secured, a Wildcard is likely the best way to go.

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