With remote working coming in its full effect, cybercrimes are becoming the fastest growing crimes globally.

According to IBM’s last year report, it takes 315 days on average for global businesses to detect and repel cyberattacks.

This means a hacker is likely to feed on you for almost a year.

Scary, Isn’t it?

Well, in 2022, this situation is expected to escalate. With more businesses coming into the market, hackers have a plethora of websites to feed on.

So, what can you do to detect and contain cyberattacks in the coming year? What are the ways to protect against cybercrime in 2022?

Don’t worry because we have put together seven tips to help you effectively tackle the prevalent cybersecurity threats.

Let’s take a look at them.

1.     Learn to identify phishing email attacks.

Since a hacker does not have to figure out your password or username (had you fallen for the trap, you will hand it over to them in the mail yourself), phishing attacks will stay in shape in 2022 as well.

But that might be a bit different. Hackers know that you are wise enough not to share your email and password; they create a cloned email of your bank and come across as one asking you to share your information with them.

It would be best if you remembered that no bank ever asks its customers to share their PIN, password or ATM credentials; they already have them.

2.     Stay clear of ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks are quite common these days, and they will rise in the coming ear too.

People often download unsolicited apps or content from suspicious websites that contain bugs that lock their data, and unless they deposit a ransom, they won’t unlock the device or account.

To steer clear of them, people should avoid downloading data without appropriate inquiry.

3.     SSL will prevail

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate is a must-have for all business websites in 2022. Moreover, it is expected to gain importance in the coming year because of the surge in cyberattacks.

SSL is a cryptographic security protocol that enables encryption of the data transfer between two entities through Public Key Infrastructure.

Choosing the right kind of SSL certificate is equally important as having one for your website. If you are looking for the perfect SSL for multiple domains, going for a multi domain SSL certificate is suggested. With this single cert, you can afford premium encryption to up to 250 FQDNs. This number can vary depending on each provider.

Even today, we see many businesses do not feel the need to install an SSL certificate; such businesses are simply setting themselves up for disaster because a site without SSL is like a house without the front door.

4.     Weak passwords won’t sustain 

We are more than halfway through 2021, yet some businesses need to be constantly reminded of the importance of strong passwords.

In the coming year, hackers will be using advanced tools to detect weak passwords; if you came under their radar, bid farewell to your website.

So, if you are not looking to fall for such a trap, it is high time that you change your passwords.

Make them at least 12 characters long, use both upper- and lower-case letters, add special symbols and most importantly, don’t use the same password everywhere.

5.     Guide your remote employees

Covid-19 pandemic has forced employees to operate from the comfort of their homes.

But their cyber safety is always a bit of concern for businesses. Moving into 2022, businesses have to guide their employees on the safety of their devices and networks.

Ask them not to use public Wi-Fis to access official accounts and use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to secure their connection.

Also, educate them on how to repel phishing emails, identify unsolicited links and safeguard their devices.

6.     Don’t blindly trust Cloud-based services.

There is no denying the fact that a cloud is much safer than a hard drive. You can access your data from anywhere at any time.

But that does not mean it is free from all problems. For example, in recent years, we have seen how cloud servers have been compromised.

So, as a smart business owner, you must choose your cloud uploads wisely. Don’t just go about adding every file and trust cloud for the safety of your entire business.

The only person you should trust for your entire business is YOU.

7.     Every technology is partially flawed.

You might trust Alexa for everything from switching your lights to asking about how your day is going to be.

But don’t forget that technology is no superpower. It can always be compromised.

No, we are not saying to stop using Alexa right away. Instead, we are asking you to use it wisely.

Don’t pair external devices with the device that contains all your business data.

DoS attacks will be commonplace in 2022 and, so will technology. So, know how to strike a balance between your tech life and your business life.

To Conclude

2022 is bound to be the year of technology. People will rely on tech gadgets more than ever but striking an appropriate balance is paramount.

With technological advancements rapidly taking place, it is important to know how to use them to your advantage.

Moreover, training your staff for the future, equipping your organization with the latest technology, identifying phishing attacks and safeguarding your website through an SSL certificate can certainly help create good internet hygiene.

If you follow these seven tips mentioned above, you can ensure the safety of both your business and its remote employees.

So, integrate these points into your everyday business life and stand firm against cyberattacks.

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