Appropriate Tipping Etiquette at Casinos

Visiting a casino is an experience that every gambling enthusiast should enjoy at least a few times in their life. Someone who is new to the gambling world, or regularly enjoys playing online casino games, may not have been to a casino in person.
If you’re a regular at the Grosvenor online casino and want to visit a land-based casino, or you’re just curious about the real life casino experience, read on.
The below guide goes into detail regarding tipping etiquette at casinos, explaining when and how much you should tip waiters and waitresses, as well as dealers and croupiers.

1. Tip as you arrive

The first moment you realize that you have stepped into a world of luxury is when you get out of your car in front of a casino or resort. A valet staff member will walk in your direction and offer to park your car.
Provide them with your car keys, offer any advice if your car is difficult to drive, and try to tip them £10 to £20. While such a tip may feel overly generous, it is a great way to show your respect to the valet driver.
A person is much more likely to take care of your car if they get a generous tip up front. They will feel responsible for working even harder than usual, and you can bet that your car will be safely driven up to you in a few hours when you’re ready to leave.
If the valet driver does a great job and is polite, you may even consider giving them another £10 or £20 when you’re leaving. Such generosity will not be forgotten, should you choose to revisit the casino at a future date.

2. Slots attendants deserve a tip

Most people are aware of tipping someone who serves them food or drinks, but a lot of casino guests don’t realize that slot attendants work very hard as well.
These are the people in charge of ensuring that slot machines are working correctly. Old-fashioned slot machines may fill up with coins, while electronic or video slots can get stuck or develop other issues if someone does not give them a look over every few hours.
Should you require assistance from a slot attendant, or see one working on machines near where you are sitting, offer to tip them a modest sum. They will happily accept your tip, and they are likely to keep an eye out for you anytime you’re on the casino floor.
If you ever have a problem with a machine in the future, the slot attendant will be by your side within minutes. Such service can go a long way in making your casino visit more pleasant, which is why tipping them £20 to £30 is well worth your money.

3. Tipping waiters and waitresses

The rule about getting free drinks when you’re gambling at a casino is not an urban legend, as most major casinos do not charge when they offer customers alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.
If you’re playing slots, video poker, or table games, someone should walk over to you within a few minutes to ask for your drink order. Don’t be shy about ordering any drink you want, as they are all free.
Do make sure you put a cash tip on the waiter or waitress’s tray when they come around with your drink. Most people think they will tip at the end of the night, but at casinos, you should tip as you go along.
Tipping after the first drink ensures rapid service throughout the night. Anytime your glass looks quarter full, someone will be there to ask you if you would like a refill or another drink.
People who are frugal about tipping at casinos typically experience far poorer service, as waiters and waitresses tend to focus on customers at table games or on those who tipped them after each round of drinks.

4. Tipping at table games

There is a great deal of confusion about gambling novices regarding tipping at table games. What many people don’t realize is that workers at these tables usually earn anywhere from £4 to £6 an hour for their efforts. Their employers expect tips to make up the rest of their pay.
Working at a table is not easy, as they must be focused and attentive throughout their shift. Think of these dealers as entertainers, who are there to make your gambling experience more pleasant.
If you’re having fun at a table playing blackjack, roulette, poker, or another game, you should be tipping the dealer after every few rounds. Even if you’re tossing a few chips in their direction each time, dealers are hugely appreciative of these tips.
Most players tend to tip more when they’re winning, as they want to show their appreciation to the dealer. While that is understandable, no one should avoid tipping if they are having an unlucky night at a casino.
Having said that, some casinos have house rules that stipulate that dealers are not to be tipped – most likely to avoid any sort of sketchy behaviour or expectations. Be sure to ask the dealer if there are any such rules, to avoid getting into any sort of trouble.

Make the most of your first casino visit

Stepping foot into a real casino for the first time may feel like a landmark moment, especially if you are an avid gambler. Discovering blackjack, roulette, and poker tables in person is such an exciting experience, even if you may not feel ready to play.
Make the most of your first casino visit by understanding the appropriate times and amounts to tip staff. With free drinks pouring and other amenities available at major casinos, tipping is proper manners.
As you become aware of the casino tip culture, you’ll feel more comfortable spending time at physical casinos. You may even make such a trip a regular occurrence, which would give you a chance to play the various table games on offer.

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