Manchester, September 2nd.

More people than ever have taken to buying used motors for solo, Covid-safe trips during lockdown.

As the BBC reports, the number of sales was up 6.6% on pre-pandemic levels in 2019 and, year on year, the used car market grew 108.6% in the second quarter of 2021.
And Vertu Motors are predicting used cars will continue to soar in popularity as we gradually get back to commuting, with previous rail passengers favouring the personal space of their recently purchased used car.
So, what would the transport sector look like if rail companies decided to respond to passengers who are preferring to go down the personal commuter carriage route post-pandemic?
The folks over at Vertu Motors have gone to their inventing room to create what these curious creations could look like, just as Brits appear blurry-eyed, ready to embark on the ‘new normal’.
Avanti West Coast
Picking up where Virgin Trains left off, Avanti West Coast’s motor is sleek and sporty with extra room in the back for those who want to speed through traffic in the morning.
Caledonian Sleeper
Taking more of a motorhome approach, the Caledonian Sleeper’s motor is comfy and traditional, letting you grab a few more z’s en-route to your desk.


Don’t let the long silhouette fool you, Eurostar’s motor is swift and speedy on the roads, perfect for a quick trip across the channel.
Long, roomy and yellow, Merseyrail’s imposing motor is the undisputed king of travelling around Liverpool City Centre.
Northern Rail



Northern Rail certainly prefer practicality over flash – and what’s more practical and reliable than a bus when traversing the North of England?
Southern Rail



As suited to nipping around the tight streets of London as it is to the winding country lanes of Sussex, versatility is the strength of Southern Rail’s little motor.

While getting a seat when commuting in the capital feels nigh on impossible, the spacious design of Thameslink’s motor ensures everyone is seated, comfortably and in work on time.

Transport for Wales

Almost futuristic in its blocky design, Transport for Wales’ motor is sturdy and reliable, cutting through the Welsh countryside with ease.
A Vertu spokesperson commented:
“The increase in used car sales during the pandemic has created a shift in the industry, with more of our customers preferring the ease, efficiency, and affordability of a second-hand vehicle.
We are expecting there to be a significant continued tailwind on the market. Thankfully, as restrictions appear to be easing for the majority of the country, we are in a strong position to fulfil this increased demand with the more traditional – and favoured – in-person discussions for our customers”.
For further insights about Vertu Motors’ views on the automotive industry, visit the Vertu blog.
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