Ranked the freest economy for more than 20 years, Hong Kong is the best place for entrepreneurs who want to grow their enterprises rapidly. The jurisdiction has a very supportive regime, and its policies are pro-business. It also has a large market, and you can even export products to China tariff-free. However, to take advantage of this jurisdiction, you need to start by registering a company in Hong Kong.

The main requirements for company incorporation in Hong Kong are the company name, address, directors, and company secretary. In this post, we will look at the main requirements of a company secretary in Hong Kong. We will also tell you why you should consider working with an agency to serve as your company secretary when registering a company in Hong Kong.

Who Is A Company Secretary?

A company secretary is the named representative responsible for helping the business operate in line with relevant laws in Hong Kong. Do not be deceived by the term “secretary” – the role of the company secretary is not clerical. Some of the main duties include facilitating tax compliance and foreseeing the company dissolution, in case it comes to that.

Note that you need to get a company secretary for your application for company incorporation in Hong Kong to be accepted as a legal requirement. Therefore, what are the main requirements for a company secretary?

What Does The Company Secretary Offer?

Hong Kong Company Secretary company offers a wide range of company secretary services. They assist their clients in complying with the business law and requirements.

Their services include:

  • Guidance on the choice of bank company needs to be used for the new company.
  • Provision of registered office.
  • Preparation of significant controllers register.
  • Filing of annual return.
  • Attending the issuance and transfers of shares.
  • Deregistration of the company.
  • Attend statutory corporate compliance issues.

The Main Requirements for a Company Secretary in Hong Kong

The role of appointing a company secretary is vested in the board of directors of the Hong Kong company. So, who do you select to serve as your company secretary? Here are the main qualities to look for:

1. Experience in Corporate Governance

As we have mentioned, the roles of a company secretary are not clerical but crucial in helping the enterprise make good and legally binding decisions. Therefore, he/she should have ample experience in corporate governance, which should include formal training and professional practice.

Another attribute is that the secretary should have a strong drive to help your company achieve its goals. See – once you hire the secretary, he/she should be there to ensure that your company achieves its objectives and becomes successful. This should be more of a call than completing a simple duty to get paid.

2. Good Planning Capabilities

The company secretary is mandated to organize company meetings and demonstrate how to operate in compliance with the law. This is why he/she must have good planning capabilities. So, ask the potential candidate to demonstrate how he would handle specific scenarios in your company. It will also be a good idea to check feedback from past clients.

3. A Good Communicator

Almost every duty of a company secretary entails communicating to different stakeholders at different levels. So, you need to get a good communicator to ensure that all decisions are relayed well and the company’s culture is enriched to help the company grow. For a secretary to be a good communicator, he needs the following:

  • Impressive negotiating skills.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Diplomacy.

If you want your company in Hong Kong to succeed, it must be incorporated in line with the Companies Registry. To increase the chances of getting the best company secretary, it will be good to work with an agency of experts like GuideMeHongKong.

They have been in the Hong Kong market for some time and will come in handy in helping you with additional tasks, such as company registration, drawing strategies for growth, and exploring new markets. Do not just pick anyone to act as your company secretary; work with experts.

Why Should You Select The Consultancy Service Of Hong Kong Company Secretary?

Now that you know the qualities to look into a company secretary in Hong Kong, you know one of the best ways to get premium services.

Here is how you can benefit from the Company Secretary Hong Kong.

1. Act As Company Secretary

Taking help from the Company secretary Hong Kong, you can smoothen up your company registration process. Furthermore, they can act as your company address. This helps you cut the cost of acquiring a new office.

2. Access To Industrial Experts

One of the major benefits you get is that you get access to industry experts. These are the professionals who specialize in corporate governance. They will ensure that your business rides the growth.

3. Maintains The Significant Controllers Register (SCR)

After the 2018 amendment to the companies ordinance, every business needs to prepare and maintain an SCR. Working with Company Secretary Hong Kong comes with its perks. They can help you erase the SCR and regularly update the registry.


Hong Kong is an economic powerhouse and one of the best jurisdictions to operate an offshore business. It is considered one of the freest companies on the planet and provides companies with the best infrastructure they need to grow. In this article, we have talked about one of the agencies that support other businesses to flourish.

The role of the Secretary company in Hong Kong is crucial. It helps the businesses operate smoothly and ensure that they are compliant with the business laws and regulations. A company secretary in Hong Kong can either be a corporation or an individual. However, there are a few specific requirements that you need to follow.

We hope that this article was able to answer your question that made you stumble upon this article. If there are any further queries, leave them in the comment section. We will get to you with a relevant answer.

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