Unfortunately for many of us, commuting is just part and parcel of daily life. Although home working has doubled in the past year, many workers will once again be considering their daily route to the office as they begin to open up further.

Why do people commute?

From earning a living and paying bills to enhancing career prospects, there are many reasons why commuters put up with the daily trek. Whether commuting by car, van, train, bus or on foot – for some the commute is a necessity.

But when something goes wrong like your car breaking down and you have no other way of getting to work, commuting can be a nightmare. For regular commuters, a loan for bad credit could allow you to afford an essential bus pass or train ticket while your car is being repaired – particularly if you don’t have spare money to hand and a bad credit score. However, you should always ensure you can meet the repayments if you do take out a loan.

How to make the most of your journey

Commuting is often just wasted time as you travel. But with the average commute by train lasting an hour, this time soon adds up. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs en route to work, then keep reading for our round up of things to keep you occupied on your journey.

  •  Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

In the past few years, podcasts have grown in popularity with an estimated 20 million listeners predicted by 2024. Why not join them? Podcasts or audiobooks are great for all commuters and are an ideal way to start the day. Whether you like to listen to comedy, crime or educational pieces – your daily commute is a great time to do just that.

  • Start a new TV show

Obviously, this isn’t possible if you are driving, but if you take public transport to work then a TV show is a brilliant way to pass the time.  That way, you’ll look forward to your morning and evening commutes and it’ll help the time fly by.

  • Enjoy your surroundings

Sometimes just taking a good look around and immersing yourself in your surroundings is all you need. If you like to walk or cycle to work, try taking a few different routes to mix things up a bit.

  • Record your thoughts

Commuting allows you to do a lot of thinking. Whether you’re thinking about a solution to a problem at work, considering a new hobby or just want to write down your thoughts – the daily commute is a perfect time to do this.

If you wanted to simply record how you are feeling, you may even want to try journaling, mindfulness or meditation during your journey.

Although commuting can be seen as a wasted hour, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you choose to listen to a podcast, start journaling or catch up with your latest TV show – there are so many ways to pass the time.

What are you going to do on your next commute?

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