In this dynamic and digital era where decentralisation has become a common occurrence, affiliate marketing has proved to be a popular and profitable strategy, not just for businesses but for affiliates as well.

The unique concept of affiliate marketing taps the potential capacity of third-party participants to market and generate online traffic. For this, affiliates earn incomes through a commission, which incentivises the entire promotional process.

In the world of affiliate marketing, Algo Affiliates has gained an excellent reputation through its vast and profitable affiliate marketing network specialising in Forex and cryptocurrencies.

Are Affiliate Programmes Reliable and Effective?

A study carried out by Forrester Consulting on affiliate programmes has found that a whopping 81 percent of brands and 84 percent of publishers have a referral marketing strategy in place.

Interestingly, more than 50 percent of publishers said that 20 percent of their annual revenues come from affiliate programs.

Another research conducted by the National Retail Federation shows that 38 percent of marketers state affiliate programmes as the best method to gain new customers.

Considering the efficiency of affiliate marketing, it is no wonder that that affiliate programmes have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Benefits of Partnering with Algo Affiliates

Customised Marketing

Trading in the cryptocurrency market is a completely different ball game altogether. This is a niche market and needs a robust and systematic approach to sustain and succeed. Fortunately, Algo Affiliates meets that requirement.

The company is said to be a world-leading affiliate network and is an ideal fit in the fintech industry. Blending its expertise and experience, along with an excellent technical prowess, Algo Affiliates has made incredible progress in both crypto and Forex affiliate programmes, by optimising all the major advertising elements to achieve great efficacy.

Algo has a connection with more than 150 major multilingual brokers across 25 countries worldwide. Partners who join the network enjoy the benefits of a self-conversion ratio of over 30 percent.

Besides, Argo Affiliates have more than 200 multilingual offers, along with mobile-friendly landing pages with high conversion rates, and with creative customisation for all types of traffic.

Automated Trading

The affiliate offers are matched by an automated trading system that comes with an SMS funnel and email that can effectively convert customers.

Besides, the smart algorithms of Algo make sure that offers are proportionate to the online traffic source, country, and brokers.

One of the primary reasons for this network’s success is its proprietary and self-optimising technology that ensures that best offers reach the optimal audience.

Excellent Support System

The Algo Affiliates network not only caters to publishers but also makes sure that its affiliates get all the support required to succeed. It is a customised platform to promote advertisers, helping to achieve their conversion goal. The network offers 24/7 support to resolve all the issues of the involved parties.

Algo Affiliates takes pride in making on-time payments, which makes it even more reliable for affiliates. The company also offers various settlement deals, including revenue share deals, and cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) deals.

The CPAs are probably the most distinctive option in an affiliate network. With more client conversions, CPAs become more lucrative. Algo Affiliates also provides a hybrid deal option, which is a combination of revenue sharing and CPA deals.

Features of Algo-Affiliates

Algo Affiliates offers the following benefits:

  • High commission rates;
  • Dynamically optimised offers backed by smart algorithms, matching the traffic source, country, and broker;
  • Self-conversion ratio of over 30%;
  • Fresh market opportunities like Cannabis Stocks Trading Offers;
  • Excellent CPAs and customisation;
  • On-time payment;
  • Outstanding customer support.

Algo-Affiliates and the Forex Affiliate Network

Algo Affiliates has partnerships with more than 150 reputable brokers from different parts of the world.

In other affiliate platforms, choosing offers from a broker’s website is often difficult for users. However, Algo Affiliates provides this service without charging a dime.

You have the option of choosing from more than 100 exciting and profitable projects available that will allow you to earn high commissions.

Algo Affiliates functions in the crypto market, which gives you the benefit of high potential earnings whenever the online traffic will go up on a Forex broker site.

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing has turned out to be the go-to option for marketers all over the world. In 2020, an estimated $6.82 billion was spent on affiliate marketing programmes in the US only. However, it is crucial to choose the right platform for your business, and Algo Affiliates will be an excellent choice for that.

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