People are prone to gambling, no matter how boring they may seem at first glance, which is why casino movies appeal to audiences of all ages and preferences. If life lacks adrenaline and emotion, then why not immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cheaters and cheat masters, feeling like you’re an accomplice in the scam. The magic of cinema will allow for 2-3 hours to escape into the world of gambling and will tell about the subtleties of cheating the established casino system, will entertain and be remembered for a long time. Also, everyone can try himself at uk casinos not on gamstop and feel the atmosphere inherent in gambling establishments.

Not every movie on the theme of slot machines and casinos can amaze by playing actors and imprint on the memory for a long time. After all, not every story shot on film becomes a masterpiece. Those who are just beginning to get acquainted with movies about fabulous winnings, failures at the gambling table and The art of cheating, should know about the best movies about gambling.

  • “Casino Royale” 2006

In addition to fast running and excellent shooting skills, it is extremely important for the MI6 agent to know how to play poker. While in the Bahamas, Bond, paired with his girlfriend, wins the game and gets a brand new Aston Martin. After that there is a trip to Casino Royale, which is the largest poker tournament in the world. There Bond has to beat Le Chiffre. This man is a big criminal banker, so Bond faces a very difficult task.

  • “The Cincinnati Kid” 1965

The one case where the definition of “iconic” easily supersedes all explanations. A movie dedicated to poker from the first to the last minute, and with Steve McQueen as Cincinnati, who lives by poker alone. Describing the game is pointless – you have to watch it. Be warned at once, you’re unlikely to tear yourself away.

  • “Twenty-One” 2008

How do you rip off the biggest casinos in Vegas without anyone noticing you? That’s right, assemble a team of people who will do everything for you. Mickey Rosa works as a teacher of higher mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where there are enough genius students. It is because of this that Mickey decides to create his own team of such students. For example, Ben is a student who dreams of saving up money to study at Harvard, his head works many times better than any calculator. Such talent should not go to waste!

  • “Pace, Money, Two Guns” 1998

In Guy Ritchie’s first movie, Eddie and three of his friends decide to make some money off Eddie’s poker skills, and it’s about playing in a real gambling establishment, not a non uk casino, but they don’t take into account the fact that the crime bosses not only do nothing, they don’t count for anything. At the end of the game, which, by the way, takes place in the middle of a boxing ring, they find themselves owing Harry “Axe” Lonsdale half a million pounds, and after all, Axe is called him for a reason. In short, a real knockout. The fact that what follows in the plot is a war of all against all and a pile of paperwork with a portrait of the queen should not be surprising.

  • “The Hangover in Vegas” 2009

Dorky Alan (Zach Galifianakis), whose fault on the eve of the wedding the groom disappeared and a lot of other interesting things happened, was reading a book about the game of blackjack all the way – and, as it turned out, not for nothing: he easily raised 80 thousand in an evening to save that very groom. That’s why he transformed himself: he changed his old T-shirt for a strict suit, did his hair – he has to look like a real gentleman.

  • “The Affair” 1973

Paul Newman, along with Robert Redford, pulls off a great scam. She is victimized by an unscrupulous Chicago mob boss, Lonnegan, and the result is a film in the classic genre, filled with the aesthetic of ’30s America. For the plan to succeed, they need to beat Lonnegan the hustler at poker. Not an easy task, given that he only plays with his own deck and on his own turf – the train. Well, to get rid of witnesses, if anything.

  • “Cheaters” 1998

Mike (Matt Damon) is a law student, and at night he plays Texas no-limit poker in a place that bears little resemblance to a fancy casino. He doesn’t just want to make money, but – no more, no less – to win the World Series of Poker. Thinking with his ambition instead of his head, Mike quite predictably loses all his money, urgently quits poker and promises his fiancee to not touch the cards.
But all those promises go to hell when Worm (Edward Norton), a school friend of Michael’s to whom he owes a lot, gets out of jail. Paying attention to the stupid haircut and smug smirk, it’s clear from the first second why nothing good will come of Worm.

  • “Ocean’s Eleven Friends” 2001

Ocean and his company carry out a heist of the best casino in Las Vegas. The back room of the bar is the perfect place to play poker. It is there that Rust, a character played by Brad Pitt, teaches the game to the most famous celebrities of these parts. Even though Rusty believes that the main rule when playing poker is to leave all emotions at the door, he himself is a little nervous, as evidenced by his facial expression. Ocean shows up at the perfect moment and offers Rusty a good score.


Gambling is the love of many people, and it is one of the most interesting themes in the movie industry. Everyone likes the feeling of luxury, excitement and a great atmosphere. Cinema not only allows you to relax and unwind, but also charges you with energy and positive emotions. Every lover of poker, blackjack or any other game, is obliged to look at the best gambling movies.

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