Bailey’s Skip Hire recycling company are making further moves towards sustainability by recycling their waste to RDF. Bailey’s converts any end-of-life waste into energy, where it is then used across energy plants around Europe as Refuse Derived Fuel. Making use of this leftover waste from industrial and commercial projects means that a full recycling process is undertaken during waste disposal and fuel can be produced through sustainable methods. Once transported to the licensed facility, the residual waste can then be shredded down and used to produce electricity and hot water for heating systems for all building types.

Benefits Of Recycling Waste To Energy

When you recycle leftover waste into energy you are saving space in landfills, reducing pollution and limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Landfills have a direct impact on our environments and climate change. The toxic waste that breaks down seeps into the ground damaging our soils, whilst methane leaks into the atmosphere. Methane gas is a powerful toxic gas that is responsible for 23% of climate change. Greenhouse gases are said to be 25 times more impactful than carbon dioxide, and with the rate that our planet is warming, reducing landfill waste is vital in helping slow this down. 

Converting your waste into energy also has a huge financial benefit on your business. Sending waste to landfill can result in huge costs, whilst having great negative impacts on our planet. Sending waste to be converted into energy is highly cost-effective for your business, and will also boost your green credentials; increasing respect to your company and ultimately having the ability to gain more clients through admiration and positive word-of-mouth.

The Process Of Turning Waste To Energy

One technology used to break down your residual waste into energy is through incineration. This involves taking the material through thermal treatment where it is burnt at a high temperature, resulting in fossil fuels being generated. Another popular method is called gasification, where substances are converted into carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen at a high temperature; this process then generates synthesis gas. Natural gas power plants are the greenest way to generate energy, whilst not only having great environmental benefits, but also less health risks for humans exposed to methods.

Bailey’s Skip Hire Recycling

Bailey’s Skip Hire offers a vast variety of waste management services for both domestic and commercial recycling. The company is able to sustainably dispose of materials including cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, hazardous items and other general waste. Each waste material collected from commercial and domestic projects is then taken to their licenced recycling facilities, where items are taken through the full recycling process; achieving a 97% recycling rate. Many businesses will benefit financially from converting end-of-life waste into energy, and can help us build towards a more sustainable planet for future generations.

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