An energy-efficient boiler can help you save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill annually. Experts estimate that you can reduce the bills even by 30%. 

Energy costs have increased over recent years, and as a landlord, you’re looking for ways to save on all your expenses because they directly impact your revenue. And as you already know, it’s a true hassle when the boiler installed in a rental property breaks because it can affect your establishment’s interior environment, which is essential for your tenants’ physical comfort. The only thing you can do in this situation is to have it repaired immediately. But when you’re in a hurry to fix an appliance, you usually pay more than it really costs. So, maintaining the boiler before it fails to work may be a wiser move because it can allow you to save money. 

Why should landlords worry about the boiler?

The boiler is one of the most important appliances in a house, particularly during the cold months when the tenants rely on it to heat the water and home. Typically, over 50% of the energy costs are spent on heating annually. It’s vital to have an energy-efficient boiler if you want to maintain costs at a minimum. 

You can make the most energy savings if you have the boiler inspected and maintained annually and replace it with a new one when it fails to function correctly. The average boiler lasts ten years, but it depends on the manufacturers, efficiency, reliability, and quality. Replacing it with a new one may be a too expensive option for a landlord, especially during a pandemic, so you should consider repairing it if it shows damage signs. This can help you reduce heating bills because an inefficient appliance has a direct effect on energy bills. 

When the boiler fails to work, replace it with an A-rated one that includes a complete set of heating controls that allow you to save over 1,500KG of carbon monoxide. The heating controls allow your tenants to operate the appliance remotely via an app on their home, so they can set the heating system to maintain lower temperatures when they’re away from home. This feature helps you save money because the boiler uses less energy to function. 

An A-rated boiler takes around four years to pay off, so it’s a wise investment in the long run.

Why is it important to have an efficient boiler in a rental property?

When you properly care and maintain the boiler, it can last even 15 years. But as it gets older, it works harder to heat the property and water, so you may notice that the energy bills are higher even if the results are the same as during the previous years. You may have the misconception you save money when you neglect to repair the boiler, but in fact, you spend more on other costs, its faultiness trigger. A broken boiler can be even 90% less efficient than an A-rated one. 

And, when the boiler breaks down, you can spend a lot of money for emergency reparations because all engineers tax more for last-minute projects, especially during the winter when all households depend on the heating system to stay cosy and warm. 

So before the winter comes, take the boiler for a periodic inspection to check its functionality and repair any flaws it may feature. While servicing it, you can hire boiler rental to provide your tenants with comfortable housing. Even if they appreciate that you care for the heating system to function correctly during the cold months, they may not be thrilled if they cannot get a shower during the days or even weeks the coiler is in service. A rental boiler can provide them with fast access to water, peace of mind, and support if something fails to work. 

There are many reasons to get a boiler service. As stated before, when it breaks, repairing it can be expensive, and if you postpone the maintenance, it can even require replacing because the replacement pieces may be more costly than buying a new one. 

Your tenants’ safety should be your primary concern because the statistics about people who die from carbon monoxide poisoning are staggering. And in most cases, a faulty boiler is always to blame. 

When should you consider boiler service?

Experts recommend having the boiler regularly serviced as part of an ongoing maintenance cycle. As everyone knows, these appliances break down when you most need them, and it can be quite pricey and sometimes impossible to repair them when they’re left unchecked for an extended period. But, as a landlord that manages multiple properties with boilers, you may wonder how often you should take them for a visit to a specialised engineer. 

Well, here is a list of times when you should have the boiler serviced or repaired.

– When the boiler seems to work properly, but you notice the utility bills are higher than usual. 

– You are concerned about the safety of the boiler. 

– The boiler is making funny noises. 

– The hot water isn’t on. 

– You cannot get the pilot light back on. 

– The radiators are tepid or freezing cold. 

– The thermostat fails to respond. 

– The boiler switched off regularly without any apparent cause. 

– You had the boiler installed more than 10 years ago.

Even if your heating system doesn’t experience any of the above symptoms, you should have it serviced at least one time a year. Boilers are complex pieces of technology, and while you may think yours function effectively, they may in fact, hide some flaws. It’s no reason to leave the maintenance cost for later because it can cause high utility bills and experience repair charges. 


Boiler service makes sure the rental property is entirely safe from carbon monoxide emissions. It also prolongs the appliance’s life and postpones the need for replacing it with a new one. The last thing you want is to be forced to buy a new boiler in the middle of the winter when the prices hit sky-high levels. 

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