Many businesses across the world are raking in the financial benefits of baling their cardboard waste. Waste management companies are able to offer incredible rebates when collecting and recycling baled paper and cardboard, meaning that your business is making huge money whilst disposing of waste sustainably. Baling waste as a business also frees up vital space in working environments, saves your team time on carrying out the recycling process themselves, and balances out the cost of waste hauling.

How To Bale Your Cardboard Waste

Cardboard recycling prices for rebates can be huge for businesses producing a large quantity of cardboard waste. When using baling equipment, your waste will be flattened down into ordered and compact sizes with little to no labour required. This is then easy to store whilst waiting for a waste management company to collect and recycle the waste. Balers not only open up a new income for your business, but are also easy to handle for all team members and need little maintenance.

Most waste management companies offer rebates based on a price per tonne basis. This can vary depending on specific factors such as production costs and oversea requirements. Companies will pay more for your cardboard when it is baled as it is much easier to transport, minimising journeys and saving costs; the same applies for other recyclable waste such as baled plastics.

Importance Of Baling Waste As A Business

Baling cardboard waste and sending it off for recycling means that you are handling your waste streams through sustainable methods whilst reducing your impact on the planet. When recycling cardboard, your business can reduce space taken up in landfills and save vital raw resources from being used in production from scratch. 

With 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard used annually in the UK, we are sending 7 million tonnes of that to landfill every year. This huge amount has an incredible impact on greenhouse gas emission and pollution to our planet. As a business producing large quantities of waste, you have a responsibility to make sure you are disposing of as much waste as possible in an environmentally-friendly manner, ensuring that your business reduces its carbon footprint and deducts pollution to the environment. 

By baling your paper and cardboard for recycling you are also saving trees from being cut down for production, this helps prevent deforestation which has huge impacts on wildlife, climate change, vegetation, and biodiversity. The great thing about cardboard is that it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and through the recycling process it does not lose its strength or usability. When your baled cardboard is collected, it can then be taken to a licensed recycling facility where the material is sorted and shredded. To finish the process it can then be mixed with water, pulped, and dried to be converted into new products such as packaging, paper towels, paper or corrugated cardboard. 

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