Gardens rooms are growing in popularity. They can have many uses and add value to your property. Read on to find out more about garden rooms and their uses.

  • Garden Hot Tub

Nothing beats a garden hot tub, especially now that spas and saunas are closed.  The thought of a hot tub just a couple of steps in the backyard, surrounded by the garden bliss is simply, exhilarating. Several considerations and proper planning are required to make your dream of a garden hot tub a reality. First, the foundation floor needs to be strong enough to take on all the weight.  Proper/adequate ventilation is also an issue to consider to prevent the room from getting damp from the moist hot air according to

Do you, however, prefer having the hot tub just outside the garden room? Both the hot tub and the garden room will need to be on a solid and firm foundation. Concrete, slabs, gravel, or paving stones will come in handy for this. The garden room and tub will also need a power supply as well. While you might be tempted to do this yourself (DIY), hiring a certified electrician to handle the installations would be a wiser decision.

  • A Relaxing ‘Chill’ Room

Many people like to take advantage of the peace and tranquillity their garden rooms offer, especially in hot weather (summer days) or if it is too chilly (fall) outside according to You also can use the room for your afternoon read or if looking escape electronic devices and noise in the main house.  Some even took it a notch higher and converted the garden room into a private library and reading room.  Converting a garden room into a library entails installing double glazed windows, blinds, soft furnishings like these country cushions and adequate insulation to help keep the room warm and comfortable all year round.

You can also use your garden room as your bird watching haven or spend quality time with your pets outside the main house. This room offers everything the main house might not, especially when looking to soak up in the winter sun. Proper heating and insulation would be ideal during this time of the year as well. Some people will, however, ditch the electric heater to the much simpler fire pit.

  •  Summer House Bar

Imagine sipping your break-time coffee or enjoying a glass of wine in the sunniest spot of your house bar. Garden rooms provide the perfect spot for socializing and entertainment. You can have it equipped with everything from wine bottle storage, draught taps, wine coolers, a dishwasher and sink, and comfy bar stools as well.  If a summer bar is what you had in mind when investing in the garden house, you can then have a trusted carpenter convert it into a bespoke bar.  All you need is find one you can trust to get the job done.

  • Playroom For The Kids

Having kids in the house all the time, and especially during school recess, can be quite daunting. If escaping to the garden room doesn’t seem to help with the noise, why not consider converting it into their playroom instead. Creating a summerhouse playroom for the kids might just earn you the much-needed peace and quiet in the main house. Consider doing it in a DIY, or hire a professional carpenter for even better results.  Be sure to pick a color that will be appealing to the kids and keep the wood protected in the long run.

Be creating with the flooring by painting it as a checkerboard for chess and draughts, and even mark out ladders, snakes, and twister board on the floor space. Make the playroom as safe as possible by fixing any anchoring any freestanding furniture to the walls, and tie up or hide dangling electric cords, if any. Consider installing child-locks on the windows, especially if your kids are in their pre-teens.

  • Garden Games Room

The garden room can double up as a games room too. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can create a space for darts, a pool table, or even a den for video game lovers. A snooker table would be an awesome addition, especially if the garden room is large enough and with a solid foundation to support the extra weight. You might want to add protection for the wall around the dartboard and wiring as well. Consider adding a second router to provide access to fast internet for video game lovers.

  •  Garden Gym Room

The garden room can make a perfect gym room too. You, however, need to be sure it can support the extra weight from the heavy gym equipment. The floor also needs to be sturdy enough to support your weight when you do your aerobics or skip jumps. Many people have also turned their garden rooms into yoga space, and for a good reason. The garden room provides the peace needed when doing your yoga and or meditation.

  • Garden Office Room

The need to work from home has forced many people to convert the available space into a home office. The garden room offers the perfect space for an office too.   According to Brian Berry, the Chief Executive at the Federation of Master Builders, more than 6% of garden room owners converted it into their private home office. All they had to do was add insulation, heating and ventilation, and a broadband connection to the same. Such a setup comes particularly in handy for those that work from a computer and hardly ever gets a visitor or client. You might, however, need planning permission if your business involves customers and clients visiting.

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