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Whether you are new to running your own business, or simply want to rethink the best ways to manage your budget and time, it can always be a good idea to consider alternative working practices. Not only can this aid with cutting the costs and staying within your budget, but it may also help to make your company more enjoyable to work at.

Use HR Software

The use of software for your HR team can help to cut down on the number of systems they use as well as, potentially, their workload. When choosing the right HR software, you want to make sure that the price is securely within your budget, being mindful of any potential drops in business throughout the year, as well as ensuring that it contains all the tools you require to properly benefit your team.

This software can take a lot of the workload off of staff, and allow them to be able to check requests from other staff members, such as for planned days off, on one system, in real time. In addition to this, good HR software will allow your team to work simultaneously, while all signed in. This can be useful where a number of staff members need to work on the same project, or even have access to certain bits of data.

Emphasise the Importance of Breaks

During the working day, it is important that staff members take their allocated break time. Not only is this a requirement, depending on the number of hours worked, but it can also benefit their health and productivity.

Some health and safety guidelines advise that, for every hour spent in front of a computer screen, five minutes away should be implemented. This can help employees to correct their posture, as long periods of sitting at a computer can cause pain, as well as problems with the spine, and also allow for better focus, reduce the likelihood of eye strain, and tension related headaches.

Consider Providing Refreshments

While you need to make sure that employees have access to fresh drinking water at all times, as well as the means of storing and heating food, you might also want to consider going the extra mile. Some businesses have found that providing refreshments, such as tea or coffee, for staff to use, as opposed to just visitors, might be happier within their workplace. There is a correlation between staff satisfaction and productivity so, although this may cost you a little to set up and maintain, it could lead to a better output of work created. When providing refreshments, you might also want to consider the members of the team themselves, such as any dietary requirements or allergies, so that everyone can be included within this company perk.

When considering ways to improve your workplace, factoring in your staff members’ wellbeing and happiness can go a long way. Something as simple as finding the means to reduce their level of stress may play a part in reducing staff turnover and making your company known as a good place to work.

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