Self-storage Brighton as well as the other areas have proved to be quite handy for people living in the neighborhood. However, storage unit costs are rising with an increase in demand catering to the simple supply and demand rules.

When looking for a reliable service for self storage Brighton or any other area, the main headache remains i.e., to determine the unit size you require. You do this by keeping in mind the storage units’ cost rising with every inch of space you demand. Deciding the adequate space is essential and should be prioritized.

Daunting it may seem, determining the right storage unit size is not a very hard task. All it involves is simple steps of determining the items you want to put in the storage unit, estimating the number of boxes they will occupy, and calculating the area of each box to find the total required space.

The storage units’ cost varies as per the area covered in sq. ft. In addition to that, the location factor also plays its part in this regard. Storage units located in bigger cities cost more for a smaller size while those located in far-off areas offer more competitive pricing.

Not only will this help you keep the storage unit cost at its minimum, but your packing and transporting process will also be hassle-free. You will save yourself the pain of spending extra on a unit too-large or ending up with a too-small unit in a self-storage Brighton facility.

Storage Unit Size and Price Guide

Storage units are available in a variety of sizes. Do keep in mind that you can’t just ask for a storage unit of your desired size. Units are available in their designated sizes for example 5*5, 5*10, 10*20 feet, and so on. You have to pick from the size of units available by choosing one close to your requirements.

With an increase in size, the storage units cost also rises but that is where the location factor comes in. A 5*10 feet self-storage Brighton unit might cost similar to a 5*5 feet storage unit in London. Now let us discuss each unit with respect to their size and how much space they can offer for to store items.

5 * 5 feet:

Only opt for a 5*5 feet storage unit if you have nothing substantial to store. In a practical scenario, a 5*5 feet unit is nothing more than the closet you have in your room. 25 sq. ft. space can mostly be used to store your personal belongings such as a mattress, pillow, books, or any other small thing you deem relevant.

The estimated rent for a unit of self-storage Brighton is around £400 if paid upfront. For those looking at more flexible paying options, it is going to be around £15 weekly or £70 monthly.

5 * 10 feet:

5 * 10 feet is enough storage space for a student generally. To get an idea, you can think of it as a walk-in closet you might have at your home. 50 sq. ft. space can store up to 14-15 boxes or alternatively, you can fit in a queen-sized mattress, television set, couch, or refrigerator as well.

The monthly rent for a 50 sq. ft. unit is around £120 while the weekly cost would be around £30.

5 * 15 feet:

While 5 * 5 and 5 * 10 feet units are known as small-sized units, 5 * 15 feet units come into the category of medium-sized storage units. With an increase in space, the storage unit cost also increases. However, a 5 * 15 feet storage unit is no longer an ideal choice for students.

This is an ideal storage space if you are moving out of a small apartment or a small-sized home maybe. It can be considered as more than half the size of an average-sized bedroom. It can graciously store your furniture, washing machine, or a big-sized refrigerator.

For a 75 sq. ft. self-storage Brighton unit, estimated monthly rent would be somewhere around £150-160.

10 * 10 feet:

A unit measuring 100 sq. ft. is a very big storage unit. To put it in imaginative terms, it is roughly equal to the size of a car garage, so the higher cost price is justified. Just think of how much stuff you can store in this big storage space.

Such storage units are ideal for people who are moving out of a 2 bedroom apartment. It has ample space to store stuff like a whole set of furniture, large-sized appliances, bed frames, dressers, etc. 100 sq. ft. storage units cost around £50 weekly or almost £200 monthly.

10 * 15 feet:

Moving on higher than 100sq. ft. space means serious business. You are looking at a storage unit with enough space to handle contents of more than two bedrooms and living room and dining room furniture. In addition to these, you can also store bulky storage items such as a piano box.

10 * 15 sq. ft. storage units cost around £70 weekly or greater than £250 monthly.

10 * 20 feet:

There is no big difference in terms of storage units cost moving from 10 * 15 feet unit to a 10 * 20 feet unit. People who have some delicate stuff to store such as kitchen-ware or fragile furniture usually opt for a 10 * 20 feet space instead of 10 * 15 feet.

If you are in doubt that space might get too congested with boxes and stuff, it is recommended to opt for a slightly wider storage space. The pros of this decision usually outweigh the cons. A storage unit  of this size might cost you £80 weekly minimum.

10 * 25 and 10 * 30 feet

Now, this is a huge storage unit size. Such storage units are recommended for those people moving their stuff out of a 4 or 5 bedroom house. Some stuff you can store in these storage units includes multiple living or dining room furniture, the content of 4-5 bedrooms, a car, study furniture, large quantity of boxes, etc.

More than 200 sq. ft. self-storage Brighton units come at exceptionally higher costs. For renting out a 250 sq. ft. unit or above, you should be ready to pay around £90 weekly at the very least.

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