Executive coaching can help you become both a better executive and, in some cases, a better person. It can help you shift with the changing landscape of work and cope with stress. A good coach can help you deal with situations more effectively. Good coaching can be the difference between landing a golden opportunity and settling for a less satisfying position.

But how do you choose the right coach for you?

A Good Working Relationship with Your Executive Coach

Arguably one of the key factors to ensure is that there is an affinity between you and your coach. You should get on and understand each other’s point of view. Many coaches offer a free consultation, and you can use this opportunity to see if you gel.

It is a good idea to try several coaches to see which one is best for you. You can also try apps such as CoachHub, which offer a slightly different coaching style, which may fit your lifestyle better.

Professional Bodies

Executive coaches tend to belong to one of two professional bodies. They are the International Coaching Federation or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Coaches that are members tend to have access to the latest thinking.

As coaching is a mixture of psychology and counselling, it may be worth asking your coach if they have any related qualifications.

Testimonials and Recommendations

It is a good idea to research what others have found when using a coach you’re considering hiring. This is also true of any app-based model. It is good practice to ask a potential coach about successes, and to see case studies.

While you’re trying to get a flavour of a potential coach’s style, it is good practice to look at their social media updates, especially on LinkedIn. This information could be useful in assessing if they are right for you or not.

Shared Industry Experience

You may want a coach with a strong understanding of your industry. If so, you’ll obviously need to ask the coach if they have. You may also be able to tell this information from their LinkedIn profile.

Consider that sometimes a coach should come at your world with a different perspective as this can make for a richer and more diverse sounding board. I.e. not worked in your industry. 

It is a good idea to trust your instincts about any coach you are considering hiring.

Consider Coaching Apps

Coaching apps may be a good way forward for you. The better ones offer facetime coaching, and you have activities to work through which help you improve your game. Some provide a chat facility where you can talk to your coach should the need arise.

If you’re interested a trying a coaching app, see if they have a contact number where you can talk to a real person and ask questions.

Executive coaching can make all the difference to your career. The trick is to find the best coach for you. The right one can help you achieve your goals and give you a better, more rewarding career.

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