Thinking of more space and a better quality of life? Then the suburbs is for you – take a look and see why!

  • Getting around is easy

This is a big benefit that many people don’t realize.

It is challenging walking around the city when you have young kids. Strolling to the grocery store is not a big deal when you are single, but it becomes a challenge when you have kids. Carrying 3 gallons of milk is not an easy thing, and this is just one of the things.

You don’t have the luxury of going to the market every day. The ideal option is going shopping once a week. You need to have a car to carry your shopping.

This is just the grocery store.

All the school drop-offs, errands, swimming lessons, the library, extra-curricular activities – are going to be easier when you are in the suburbs compared to the city. While public transportation is good and I take it when possible, depending on it when you have kids is going to be a challenge and it will take a lot of time.

Getting around and parking is easy when you are in the suburbs. You are also going to be a few minutes away from pretty much everything.

  • Bigger houses

Many people move to the suburbs because the houses are larger and there are yards. There are some advantages of having yards and bigger houses. Your kids will have a place to play without having to worry about space.

More rooms mean your home will be clean and clutter-free because you have a space to store your stuff. You can use the garage or an extra room to store items. You can decorate with big items of furniture and have plenty of floor seating and kitchen space.

If you choose suburbs, then you are going to have a backyard where your kids can play. You also have enough space to grow your flowers and plants. You will enjoy your time in a home that is bigger and has more space. 

  • Other kids around

There are many families living in the same street. The kids will have their peers they can play with. Your kids will have someone they can play with. The kids can roam the stress on their own, especially if it is a quiet street. The kids are going to start developing independence and they will have agemates they play with without having to schedule or structure them.

  • Fun abounds

Your kids have more options when it comes to hobbies because they have the space to try out things. if your kids love biking, they can do it on the streets. This is hard when living on a busy road or in a city.

There are many parks within walking distance when you are in a suburb. This is also good for adults because they can go to these parks. You can take a walk or cycle with your kids without having to worry about getting hit. You are going to enjoy spending time with your kids because there is a lot to do.

While not all suburbs are like this, most of them are. There is a lot to enjoy when living in the suburbs. With time, you will get to know more about the local area.

  • Kids are going to enjoy more independence

Because of the parks nearby and less traffic, many parents are more likely to allow their kids to play and walk around the neighborhood. The kids are going to bike down the street when they want to meet their friends. This is hard to do when living in the city. The kids will get a sense of independence because they have more freedom of choice when it comes to what to do and where to go. The kids will be happy every time you allow them to visit their friends down the street.

  • Walking distance to school

While your kids might not always walk when going to school, it is close enough that they can do it. There are no traffic delays or jams. You can drive your kids to school in a few minutes. As they grow older, the kids can start walking on their own.

Having a school close to your home is more than just convenience going to and from. Most students of the school are children from the community, and you are going to meet other great parents and become friends. This case is not exclusive to suburbs, but it is easier for schools in the suburbs. So, get in touch with your online estate agent and make the change

  • The city is not far

Most suburbs are usually outside the city, and it is just a car ride away from their home. You can go to the city using a car, train, or public transport any time you want city fun. You don’t have to worry about being far from the city because it is close. You are going to enjoy the journey when going to the city. You are going to have the same benefits that people who live in the city have, but at the end of the day, you will be in your quiet home and friendly street.

  • More parking space

Parking in the city center is not easy unless you are living in a condo apartment offering two parking spots. Most homes in the suburbs come with two-car garages and a lot of space in the street for parking. You don’t have to worry about parking when living in the suburbs.

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