It is a well-known fact that smoking endangers your health as tobacco is loaded with toxic chemicals. Substances such as tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide that are included in tobacco not only damage the lungs but hurt the whole body.

The decision to quit smoking is a big one that can save your life but it is difficult to quit smoking cold turkey. Some people may find it difficult to deal with withdrawal symptoms even when using methods such as nicotine replacement therapy. However, e-cigarettes have been helping many to finally stop smoking tobacco for good. The increase in sales of vaping kits and products is proof that many smokers are benefiting from it.

How Smoking Hurts Your Health And Your Wallet

Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients and generate more than 7,000 chemicals when these ingredients burn. Many of these chemicals are known to cause chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Toxins from the smoke are known to affect body systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other functions in your body. It can also interfere with your daily life by affecting your breathing or expose you to depression.

Other than its adverse effects on health, smoking is also an expensive habit. With new prices in effect last March, an average 20-pack of cigarettes costs a whopping £12.58 currently in the UK. This means someone who smokes one pack a day will be spending £4,592.00 for cigarettes in a year. There are also other hidden costs, for example, smokers are estimated to pay double in insurance premiums compared to non-smokers.

Why Smokers Should Switch To Vaping

Researchers have discovered that there are many benefits that a smoker can enjoy once he switches to vaping. People who ditched cigarettes for vape saw a decrease in their risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. Their blood vessel function increased by about 1.5 %. This means they have experienced an expanded valve with a healthier blood flow just a month after switching to vape.

One of the reasons cigarettes are more harmful is due to the release of toxic substances during tobacco combustion. While cigarettes release nicotine by burning tobacco, vape uses a less harmful way of heating.

The UK government has studied the compounds found in vapor to determine their safety. With harmful compounds such as tar that can be found in cigarettes missing in the vape, users are also exposed to minimal harm. Through a broad range of studies, experts have acknowledged that vaping is safer and 95% less toxic than cigarettes.

Vaping is also a lot cheaper than smoking. It is estimated that you will spend 90 % less than what you usually spend to buy cigarettes in a year. Vapers are expected to cough up an initial cost of about £50 pounds. This is because vaping involves many bits and pieces such as coils, batteries, e-liquids and other kits. Once you get yourself a solid vaping kit, you will only need to refill your e-liquids and change your coils.

Final Thoughts

While smoking is a tough habit to break, it is important to quit to save your life. Some people can make their switch to vape and enjoy the benefits quite instantly. However, others might face some problems in getting rid of cigarettes altogether.

It is advisable that you try combining vaping while smoking to transition easier. You may try different e-liquid products to find the one that really works for you. It is ok if you need some time to transition and adjust before using a vape. What matters most is that you slowly but surely take the necessary steps to lead a healthier life.

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