When you are sending a valuable parcel to any other state or country, make sure it is insured in case of damage, loss, or stolen. However, it seems many times when a well-known courier company lost parcels or stuff got damaged while shipping. If you have purchased an insurance scheme, you can claim for the damages or any mishappening with your parcel. However, the insurance rates aren’t too expensive, but you can reduce your delivery headaches by spending a few bucks. Secursus.com takes the highest value shipment for insurance at very affordable rates and is a well-known parcel insurance company in the UK. However, many carriers didn’t offer insurance for high-value parcels, or they charged high prices. But Secursus always charges the right insurance amount and covers a wide range of items. Get here the details of the charges to insure a parcel on secursus.com.

Insurance Process:

The company will take only two minutes of yours to ensure your valuable parcel. The process is really straightforward, as given below steps.

  • Register on secursus.com
  • Add your payment card
  • Hit on the “insure a parcel” button
  • Enter the parcel details, including a tracking number, parcel value, and carrier
  • The insurance process is completed

Do not forget to look at the terms and conditions to know the company rules clearly. Secursus also provides an online class to secure or insure your valuable parcels on its official website.

Partner Carriers: 

Secursus works with thousands of well-known carriers worldwide, which are offering a direct-signed delivery service and tracking system. Some of the well-known carrier partners are DHL, FeedEx, Royal Mail, and UPS.

However, the carriers deliver parcels through shops such as grocery stores or supermarkets that are not covered by secursus. Apart from this, the company also does not ensure the parcels are shipped by sea or marine containers.

Requirements for Purchasing an Insurance Scheme

Before going to insure a parcel on secursus.com, you must check the rules criteria. Here are a few requirements which you need to fulfill for taking the services of this well-known parcel insurance company.


First of all, you have to make sure that your goods are not visible from outside the packaging. For this, you can practice double packaging. However, the company also demands the same packaging wrappers or boxes if the parcel quantity is more than one.

Do not Show Good’s Value:

While placing the shipment slip or company details, make sure you didn’t mention the value of the goods on it. However, it is also necessary to hide the details of the goods, but you may use a clue or codeword so that the receiver can easily get what is in the parcel.

Take Photos While Packaging:

Secursus will also ask for photos of your packed goods while purchasing an insurance scheme. It is because of verifying the condition of goods when it gets delivered. You may also share the photos with the receivers. It will help both the sender and the receiver to spot any mishappening or damage with their parcels.

Carrier Requirements:

You must choose a carrier that offers to deliver the parcel within 14 days because the secursus insurance coverage lasts for fourteen days from scheme purchase. However, the carrier should also offer a sign-for delivery service.

Products Covered by the Company:

Secursus covers most online sold products at the best possible, affordable, and fixed rates. Some of the examples are given below.

  • Watches

Vintage or modern, both types of watches are insured by the company, and you can get the very last retail value in case of any damage or steal.

  • Jewelry

Ensure your most expensive jewelry or gemstone under secursus and ensure 100% safety with an all-risk cover scheme.

  • Clothes

Are you a cloth seller on various e-stores or marketplaces? If yes, secure your parcel from loss or theft.

  • Digital or high tech goods

Secursus covers all types of digital or high-tech goods, including smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. The company offers 100% retail value against the insurance of loss, theft, and breakage.

  • Bags

Both the new and used luxury bags are covered by the secursus under their bag’s insurance scheme.

  • Artwork Goods

Are you engaged in making artwork goods and some unique masterpieces? You may sell them online in other states or countries, then ensure your parcel by secursus for loss and theft issues.

  • Books

Precious and well-known authors’ books are also some of the most expensive things. One can take an insurance plan from secursus to ensure safe delivery.

  • Used Items

Not only the new goods, but you can also ensure your second-hand item’s parcel under secursus insurance plans. You can claim for the last sale value of your used goods in case of any mishappening.

Final Words

You can insure a parcel on secursus.com even after it is shipped, but taking insurance on the same day is a must. The company doesn’t accept prepaid credits, and there is no need to subscribe or commit to a number of parcels. These benefits are available for both individuals or businesses.

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