As the number of people who gamble online at casino sites is on the increase, much more so as many people have recently found themselves stuck at home for long periods of time, casino operators in the UK have ramped up the promotion of their responsible gambling tools.

As such when you now log into any such site what you are going to find is that you will be asked whether you would like to set for yourself a deposit limit and a loss limit and will also often find that you will see a timer on the screen which lets you know just how long you have been logged into that site for. The GamStop scheme helped many players overcome their gambling problem.

If you want to register with GamStop you can do so completely free of charge and in no time at all your accounts held at all UK licensed gambling sites will be closed, and one other thing to keep in mind is that any attempt by you to open an account at those sites in the future will also be denied so you will never have the chance to sign up as a new customer at those sites.

Those casinos that are not licensed in the UK are collectively known as non GamStop casino sites and you really need to spend some time researching just which casinos they are and then ask to be self-excluded from each of them.

Not only that but you may also see a little box onscreen too that will enlighten you what your current state of play is regarding whether you are losing and winning, and that information all acts as something as a reality check just in case you are getting somewhat carried away.

If you do find yourself getting carried away when gambling online, and that is something that the UK Gambling Commission is more than away that many people do, you will now find casino sites online that are licensed by the organisation, will allow you to take a break from your casino account.

If you want to do just that you can set an amount of time that you would like to be locked out of your real money casino account for, and you will then not be given access to that account and therefore will not be able to make any more deposits or gamble any more until the period of time you selected expires.

Rapid Self-Exclusion from UK Casino Sites

To give up gambling you are going to have to ensure the temptations you face day in day out to gamble in any way shape of form are removed, and that is often easier said than done, I think we can all agree on that.

However, when it comes to you closing your accounts at any casino and gambling sites you do hold real money accounts at, well there are two ways that you can go about doing that.

The first is to contact each casino and gambling site individually and as to be self-excluded from those sites and they will then close your accounts for you. However, if you sign up to GamStop they will contact all UK licensed sites for you and get them to close your accounts en masse.

Offshore Casinos Not GamStop Registered

When you look around the web these days, you will soon discover that there are a huge and ever growing number of casino sites that have been around of years, and almost each week even more new casinos launch online.

Now there is a glaring problem with GamStop, and that is only casinos that are run and operated and licensed in the UK that are required to become part of that scheme, and whilst that will mean you can self-exclude yourself from each of those sites, you will never face any problems signing up to a casino licensed elsewhere.

I know many of you may think that is going to take no end to time to achieve, if you really do want to remove any chance whatsoever of you gambling again online, then please do self-exclude yourself from each of those sites no matter how long it will take you to do just that.

At the end of the day, you will then never be tempted to gamble at any non GamStop casino site again as you will not be able to do so and somewhere down the line the time you spent self-excluding yourself will save you a lot of heartache and money too.

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