Through the years, Bitcoin has been on top where it showcased lots of possibilities in line with online businesses, cryptocurrency, trading, and a lot more. It became a way for people to gain success on their own effectively and efficiently. It has a wide range of opportunities provided to its clients worldwide. However, shallow information and understanding about Bitcoin will not take you beyond, especially if you are planning to join the team. You can start bitcoin trading trough

Given that, below are some facts about Bitcoin that you need to consider. In this way, your learnings, as well as the way you work with it, will be worth it. It will also ensure that your expenses, time, and effort will all result in a satisfying outcome that benefits not only you but also your loved ones and other people. So, let’s start digging some facts about Bitcoin!

FBI owns a large Bitcoin wallet

A few years ago, the Silk Road was shut down by the FBI, which is a huge black market wherein Bitcoin is being used frequently in making different purchases. When caught by the FBI, 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoin was retrieved that circulates around the said website. This may sound not huge enough for you, but if you look at the bigger picture, this 1.5% of Bitcoin is already considered big to be owned by one entity.

Bitcoins are powerful more than supercomputers

According to several experts, the network of Bitcoin contains a computing power with over 2,046,364 Pflop/s. For a better and clearer understanding of the amount, every 500 computing power provided by supercomputers will give you 246 Pflop/s.

Value Overflow Incident

In circulation, the limit of Bitcoin is 21 million. However, in August 20120, a bizarre event happened as there was a value overflow incident. Someone was allowed by a vulnerability code to conduct a transaction and resulted to the creation of Bitcoins of more than 180 million. Good thing, the error was resolved right away, and the limit of 21 million was brought back.

Banning Bitcoin is Impossible

Law states do not tell that trading and holding a Bitcoin is illegal. Lots of governments may have tried to ban it, yet they all failed to do it.

Vietnam, Bolivia, Thailand, Bangladesh attempted to stop cryptocurrency trading that was proven as threats to the financial systems. However, due to the system’s nature, it became impossible to ban Bitcoin virtually altogether. Instead, it must be regulated.

So, while Bitcoin mining and trading are illegal in some countries, this kind of incident still happens almost everywhere around the world.

Losing the private means losing Bitcoins

Bitcoins earned on the platform are all stored in a digital wallet. This wallet keeps the Bitcoin safe and secured unless you withdraw it or allow someone you trust to do it. Using this, you can log in easily, as well as take a look at your balance. However, though this digital wallet aims to protect your account, you still need to be careful, especially when you store Bitcoins, the password, and the key. These are the tools to use when accessing the digital Bitcoin wallet. Once lost, there will be less chance to gain access again to the Bitcoins you’ve earned through hard work and perseverance. The amount you have stored will all be washed out, and you’ll need to start all the way again from the very beginning.

In a report, Bitcoin users, around 20% of them are reporting the same thing- a lost private key and access to the account. Their reasons are primarily due to the lost private key, as well as discarded computers and laptops.

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