Contrary to popular belief, the UK’s automotive market hasn’t ground to a halt due to lockdown. Even at the height of the restrictions, it was still possible to buy and sell all types of cars.

Bad credit car finance and bad credit car leasing deals were up for grabs at exceptionally competitive rates and dealerships were offering the kinds of discounts unseen in recent years.

New and used car sales are way down on the usual norms, and the sluggish performance is expected to continue for some time. Nevertheless, buying a car during Coronavirus restrictions is not only possible, but could see you scoring an unbeatable deal.

Here’s a brief overview of the basics of what you can expect, if planning on picking up a car during Coronavirus restrictions:

Common Sense and Safety at the Showroom

Where dealerships are permitted to allow customers into their showrooms, you can expect all reasonable common sense precautions to be taken. This may include limiting the number of people in the showroom at any one time, being allocated a specific slot for your visit and being required to wear a mask. Social distancing guidelines will also apply, as will the recommendation to use sanitiser at various times during your visit.

Test Driving Cars

The dealerships that are still open for business continue to allow prospective buyers to test drive their cars. However, it’s highly unlikely that a member of sales staff will accompany you for the ride. If they offer to join you during the test drive, it’s advisable to politely decline to keep both of you safe.

Virtual Dealership Visits

Where dealerships are closed or customers are apprehensive to visit in person, virtual tours and inspections of vehicles can be arranged. A video call will be set up by the dealership, during which you’ll have the opportunity to view what’s on offer and ask questions in real time. It’s not quite the same as checking out the cars on offer the traditional way, but is way better than relying on still images and written descriptions alone.

Contact your dealership directly, if you have any questions on how these virtual tours work.

Buying a Car Privately During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Private car sales more or less came to a complete halt during the previous lockdown, when all non-essential trips were prohibited by the government. So far (though subject to change), the second lockdown is more about recommendations and common-sense precautions than prohibitions.

The importance of taking the appropriate precautions is even greater with private sales, as you cannot necessarily rely on the seller to proactively safeguard your health and wellbeing.

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