Is there a single person in the entire world, who doesn’t need and probably doesn’t want to surf the internet from start to finish?

How about doing all of your business online from now? Could you imagine how tired and busy you’d be once you’ve blown through all your savings on a new computer?

Graham Shear explains: “chances are, you probably won’t think twice about it once the heavy computer toll of spyware, viruses and other infections starts to bite. And you won’t even be able to sleep at night because you’ll be plagued with thoughts of how you could have bought the computer that’s just sitting there waiting for infection.”

Don’t feel that you have to bepatients before you start finding your cure. There are plenty offailurerecoveries available on the internet that will help you discover just how effective your current antivirus protection is. Unfortunately, they cost a lot of money. But, the truth is that if you discover just how effective your current antivirus software is, you will probably be able to get by without having to pay a single dime!

When you find that you really do have a computer that needs patching, you’ll probably be asked to go online and download a certain amount of files. Maybe it will be a few unnecessary files that you simply don’t need, or maybe it will be some file that is actually harmful to your computer. You don’t know what you’re going to get out of the computer, and you definitely don’t know what you’re going to lose if you suddenly have a keylogger installed on your computer.

“You need to understand that there are potentially hundreds of viruses, spyware and adware hiding in those files, and they can all potentially end up deleting files off of your computer and installing malicious programs. If you download a file that turns out to be malicious, you could end up with more problems than you already have.” Graham Shear continued.

Imagine that you are online entering a contest to win a free computer. You register at the site, and you also supply your email address. Soon after, you’ll receive an email with a link in it. You’ll click on the link and be taken to a site that downloads what appears to be a free computer program. To you it seems like a legitimate offer, but in reality, it is not. In addition to dialing a 900 number, this free computer offer also downloads a Trojan horse. Once this Trojan horse is installed, it can send emails to your contacts advertising products and services that you really want, and they will pay for shipping of the free computer.

The way this all happened to my friend is she was advertising SEO services. When she signed up for the service, they asked her to download a free toolbar that would be a plug-in to the website. She downloaded it and used it, and thought that it was cool. So, she thought that she’d try to market the site using auto-pay features, and marketing services. She thought that her web designer, who was also a member, would be interested in seeing what she could do with the site.

What she didn’t think about was that the free software that she downloaded was actually spyware! The spyware was attempting to download itself into her computer using her own internet connection.

My friend was so freaked out that she nearly didn’t recognize the computer she was using. She thought that she had gotten rid of the spyware by tracking cookies that she had set.

What she didn’t understand was that those cookies were causing visits to her website, and the site was loading pages that contained threats to her files.

Whenever you load a website, you can set up a cookie that will tell the website where to send its visitors to entice them to give information about themselves. You can also block a site from sending you cookies using your browser. Besides this, you can also block a site from being able to place cookies on your computer. Setting up this type of cookie can be difficult for those who aren’t computer experts.

If you are trying to avoid identity theft, you’ll want to use an IP hiding software to protect your identity and location. When you run an online business, you will want to use a program that can hide your IP address. This will ensure that you are not identified.

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