With lockdown restrictions gradually easing and life tentatively returning to normal, businesses are now preparing to open their doors once again and welcome back customers which is excellent news after a difficult period. Businesses will be desperate to start making up for lost time, but of course it is absolutely essential that companies are taking measures to be COVID-19 secure so that they can protect the health of customers, staff and the public as a whole as the threat of the virus still exists.

There will be specific guidelines available for your industry, but here are a few general tips which should help you to meet these guidelines and instill confidence amongst employees and customers.

Displaying Posters

Social distancing remains a vital discipline in order to prevent transmission of the virus and currently the advice is at least one-metre distance. This can be hard to gauge, so having high-quality posters printed and placed around the business premises will help people to keep their distance as well as show that you are taking distancing seriously.

Printing Menus

For businesses that are serving food and drink, there are many important measures that you must be taking and it will not be business as usual. One of the most notable changes that you will have to make is to print menus which must be disposed of after every sitting – ideally, this will be on recycled paper to reduce waste and you will want to use a reputable printing company to support your brand messaging.

Use Social Media to Provide Information

There is still a lot of confusion and consumer confidence is low, so you will want to do all that you can to support your customers and reassure them. Social media is a great tool for this because you can show them what action has been taken to make your business COVID-19 secure, you can inform them of any important changes such as opening times and even answer any questions that they might have before visiting.

Leaflets in the Windows

You can also communicate important messages to customers before they step foot inside with the use of eye-catching leaflets that can be placed in the window/at the entrance. This could remind people to wear masks, to keep at least one metre apart and to use hand sanitiser before entering (this should be provided for them).

It is fantastic to see businesses opening and life slowly returning to normal, but it is vital that businesses remember that there are still strict measures in place and it is their responsibility to create a COVID-19 secure environment for their customers and staff so that people can use the business with confidence and to protect public health while there is still the threat of the virus.

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