The mind of a budding entrepreneur needs constant nourishment to cultivate strategic and financial thinking. Equally, working your socks off 24/7 can prove detrimental to achieving your personal goals.

Sometimes taking a step back can be just as valuable to your business as spending night and day at the office.

A vocal minority argue that gaming is a detriment to your self-development. But that’s complete nonsense. Gaming provides a perfect balance between relaxation and mental stimulation.

Most people learn better while competing and having fun — two traits afforded by playing our favourite card games, board games and even video games.

Read on to discover some of the best games to play which sharpen valuable entrepreneurial skills.

Playing poker improves strategic thinking

Being able to pick apart a problem and reveal opportunities for success requires a strong strategic mind. Developing new effective strategies over and over again is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

As a trait long sought after by many budding solopreneurs, it’s within your best interest to refine such a talent wherever possible.

Mastering poker takes more than luck alone. The game requires cunning, nurturing patience and ability to read your surroundings.

Developing the know-how of when to bluff, when to fold, and when to bet is a fine skill which transcends the game and factors into real-life decision making.

If the strategic framework of poker has piqued your interest, read a review of 888 Casino and or any alternate online casino. Playing online means that you can access games on-demand, thereby getting the most practice out of each session.

However be conscious of your betting limits, playing poker is about having fun and reading your opponents. Equally, strong money management is also an important component for any budding entrepreneur.

Monopoly develops your financial management skills

Being an up and coming entrepreneur, handling the resources at your disposal is paramount for future successes. Carefully analysing investments and weighing upfront cost against long term gains is the pinnacle of business.

But funnily enough, the intricacies of financial management have been gamified through generations in the form of Monopoly.

Monopoly is a board game we all know by the numerous arguments it inevitably causes. Therefore it’s no surprise money plays such a huge role in winning the game.

In fact, Uncle Pennybags teaches players the value of a smart investment. Put your fund in the wrong place and you’ll be out of the game in no time, but that right building in the perfect location — now you’re onto a winner.

Role-playing games encourage communication and teamwork

Rounding off, teamwork and communication are vital pairings which set you up for success in business.

Being able to articulate ideas and potential issues well to a client is essential for building strong, loyal connections throughout your industry.

Additionally, solopreneurs work well within a team to achieve an ultimate goal. Effective teamwork ensures the task at hand is completed with good care in a timely manner.

Where poker and Monopoly hone in on individual talent, role-playing games harness different skills in pursuit of group success.

The bedrock of a role-playing game requires high standards of communication and teamwork for individual players to succeed in the game world. Be this in PVE during a raid for loot, or PVP in the form of a multiplayer tournament.

Selecting just one MMO/RPG game proved to be impossible — because it’s a saturated genre — each major title offers something different for everyone.

But when push comes to shove it’s about whatever seems most appealing to you. If first-person sci-fi shooters sound cool, give Destiny 2 a try. But if magical fantasy worlds are more your style, World of Warcraft is your best bet.

Regardless of what you choose the cognitive benefits will be almost identical. Both WoW and Destiny 2 are available on and Playstation Games Store respectively.

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Games are a fantastic way to learn a new skill and develop old ones. Although the idea entrepreneurialism can seem daunting, the skills you need can be found in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes a lot can be learned from taking a break and having a game. 

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