Those who are new to gambling need a little help to get up and running. There is a lot of betting jargon to learn and working out complicated bets is not easy. For this, betting calculators have been created.

You don’t need to know the calculation; just simply enter the information you have off your bet and the calculator will work out your returns. There are many types of calculator, some of them are mobile calculators, and they all have their uses.

This can include complicated differences such as non-runners, each way terms and rule 4 deductions. A betting calculator can make even the most complicated of bets a breeze and give you the returns you are looking for.

If you are new to betting, then a betting calculator should be something you have on side.

Each Way Terms Made Simple and Easy

For seasoned punters, understanding each way terms on a bet is not that difficult. Some will still get caught out by the number of different ways this is calculated, but most understand them.

New punters won’t pick this up straight away, and this is where a betting calculator can help you work out your returns.

Simple enter the bet and each way terms, the price of your selection and whether it won or was placed and the calculator will do the rest for you.

With betting markets having different each way terms, if you want to fully understand and work out each way bets yourself you need to know many calculations.

Place terms can be as good as 1/2 the odds on some markets while most are 1/4 or 1/5, these two are certainly the most used fractions for each way bets.

For those trying to work out bets as a new gambler, each way betting is one of the most difficult so this tool will definitely help.

Quick and Easy Way to Work Out Accumulators

Whether you are a new punter or an experienced gambler, working out an accumulator is not easy. This is another great reason to have a betting calculator to hand and use it.

With multiple teams or events in your bet, you need to work out your winnings from each leg and put that onto the next leg until you reach the end. Accumulators of eight or even ten selections are common, this is a lot of working out.

With a betting calculator, you can simply type in the price of each selection, put your stake and the calculator does the rest for you. Whether it’s a big football league like the Premier League, or a number of horses, you will know your returns in just seconds.

What Else Can New Gamblers Use to Their Advantage?

Even experienced gamblers will tell you that they are always learning whether this is about sport or betting in general. There is always something to do next and something new to find out, which is why gambling is enjoyed by many.

Alongside using a betting calculator to work out your returns, you should always ensure you have the best betting offers on your side, this gives you the best chance of being profitable.

The betting offers listed on are a typical example of what you can find online, with free bets, money back specials and bonus fund all up for grabs.

These give you the ability to place bets, try and win some money and do it all without actually spending your own funds.

It is vitally important for new gamblers to find their feet without losing a large sum of money and offers like this give you the chance to do that in the early days.

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