Are you looking for a mobile calculator for either your phone or a tablet?  Then check out these great calculators to solve your specific calculations. A calculator can range from a very basic one that only does the arithmetic operations to a very specific one to calculate your odds of winning at blackjack on Intertops mobile casino.

Although calculators on a mobile device are not allowed in most formal testing environments, it is still important for a student to have a proper calculator installed on their phone.  What is the point of learning math, if you are not going to learn how to use it in real life?

Warning: On legal tests (SAT, ACT), you are not allowed to use a calculator on your phone.  Check your test’s official website to learn which calculators are acceptable in a formal testing environment.

Should you buy a calculator

Mobile applications make money through either ad revenue or selling their app to the end consumer.  If you are only using a feature once in a while, you may not care about the ads. If you are planning to use the calculator on a regular basis, the ads can become annoying.

Plus, there is the whole supporting the developers.  The more a calculator goes above and beyond the basics that are included in Java or another major programming language, the more time and effort were used in creating the product.

Anytime a calculator description says “needs access to the internet to automatically obtain information” expect to pay money for that feature.  The feature may still be available, but the user will be expected to update the information manually.

Stock Android 9.0 Calculator

The calculator in Android stock includes addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and division. If your calculation needs are greater than this, you are going to need to look into installing another calculator application.

MyScript Calculator 2

With a stylus or your finger, you write out the math problem instead of typing in the math problem.

  • Basic operations: +, -, ×, ÷, /, ·, :
  • Powers, roots, exponentials: 7², ?, ?, e³
  • Miscellaneous operations: %, |5|, 3!
  • Brackets: ( )
  • Trigonometry: sin, cos, tan, cot, cosh, sinh, tanh, coth
  • Inverse trigonometry: asin, acos, atan, acot, arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccot, acosh, asinh, atanh, acoth, arcosh, arsinh, artanh, arcoth
  • Logarithms: ln, log
  • Constants: ?, e, phi

The main need above the basics in elementary school and middle school is fractions, percentages, and division.  The kind of problems that you find in a math textbook.

All-In-One Calculator by Mindbox

75 calculators in one.  Scientific calculator, currency converter, unit converter, volume converter, percentage calculator, equation solver, step by step solution, simple calculator, graphing calculator, tip calculator, loan calculator, interest calculator, body mass calculator, age calculator, gas mileage, calculator history, shoe size converter, date calculator.

If you are looking for a solid well-rounded calculator, this is definitely one to install on your mobile device.

HiPER Scientific Calculator by HiPER  Development Studio

This calculator is both a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator.

HiPER Calc Pro by HiPER Development Studio

This calculator is both a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator.   It also has programming calculations.

HiEdu Scientific Calculator  by HiEdu Team

This is not just a scientific calculator.  It includes scientific, basic, complex, programmer, table, matrix, vector, graph, equations, convert.

This is the calculator that you need if you are doing computer programming type calculations.

Plus, this calculator has over 1000 math formulas pre-entered into the calculator for math and physics.  It is also a graphing calculator.

Financial Calculators by Bishinews

This calculator is free and includes a wide variety of different financial calculations.  A general financial calculator includes all of the general functions that one would use in business.  A general calculator will include the basics of each calculation type.

Financial and investment calculations: TVM calculator, currency converter, compound interest calculator (credit cards), return on investment (ROI) calculator, IRR NPV calcuator, MIRR calculator, Bond calculator, Tax equivalent yield calculator, rule of 72 calculator.

Loan calculations; loan calculator, mortgage calculator, loan refinance calculator, apr calculator, apr advanced calculator, commercial loan calculator, simple loan calculator, loan analysis calculator, loan analysis calculator, home affordability calculator, rent vs buy calculator, mortgage tax savings calculator, discount points calculator, adjustable rate calculator, fixed vs adjustment rate calculator, bi-weekly payment calculator, interest only calculator.

Retirement Calculator: Retirement Planner,  401k Contribution Calculator, Retirement Calculator, Retirement Savings Analysis, Retirement Income Analysis,  Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA, Required Minimum Distribution, Social Security Estimator, Asset Allocation Calculator, 401k Save the Max Calculator, College Savings Calculator.

Stock Calculators: Stock Return Calculator, Stock Constant Growth Calculator, Stock Non-constant Growth Calculator, CAPM Calculator, Expected Return Calculator, Holding Period Return Calculator, Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculator, Pivot Point Calculator, Fibonacci Calculator, Black-Scholes Option Calculator.

Credit card calculators:  Credit Card Payoff Calculator, Credit Card Minimum Calculator.

Auto Loan and Lease Calculators: Auto Loan Calculator, Auto Lease Calculator.

Miscellaneous Calculators: Regular Calculator, Tip Calculator, Discount and Tax Calculator, Percentage Calculator, Date Calculator, Unit Conversion, US Inflation Calculator, Margin and Markup Calculator, Fuel Calculator, Salary Increase Calculator, US Paycheck Tax Calculator, Net Distribution Calculator, Effective Rate Calculator, Mutual Fund Fee Calculator, Unit Price Compare Calculator, Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis, Financial Ratios.

Bet Calculator by

Are you into sports betting?  Is Intertops mobile casino your favorite website?  Then you probably want to check out this betting calculator specifically designed for sports betting.

BMI Calculator by Appovo

A BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  It scores your body measurement against your weight.

With this BMI Calculator, you can calculate and evaluate your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on body weight, height, age, and sex.  Check your body stats against your ideal weight.

Simple Loan Calculator by Andrei Samkov

This calculator only does loans, but it includes amortization tables and comparison between different loans.

A business loan calculator helps you determine how much that loan will be costing your firm and if it is a sound business decision.  A good feature to look for is a comparison of different loans.

Currency Converter Plus Free with AccuRate by Digitalchemy

Currency calculator converts from one currency to another.  This calculator will need to have access to the internet in order to obtain the current currency conversion rates.

Supports currencies for every country including the dollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, won, franc, ruble, dinar, peso, rupee, shilling, rial, kwacha, dirham, florin, guinea, krona, krone, riyal, colon, som, leu, virtual currencies like Bitcoin, plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, platinum and more!

Drivvo – Driver and Vehicle Expenses and Income

How much does it cost to own a car taking into account the cost of the car, gas, regular car maintenance, car repairs, and emergency fund if the car is in an accident?  How does this compare to the cost of public transportation?

This calculator will help you keep track of expenses related to the use of a personal or commercial vehicle.  It will also track income obtained through the use of the vehicle (eg. Uber or Taxis).

Moovit Timing and Navigation for all Transit Types

Distance calculators are used in a lot of mapping programs to determine the distance between two points using longitude and latitude.  How long will it take to traverse that distance on foot? By driving? Adding stops? Taking into account traffic? Which is better, Route A or Route B?

Moovit has transportation information for train, subway, bus, light rail, ferry, metro, dockless scooters, bikes, ride-sharing.  Works for over 3000 cities.

Distance Calculator by DistanceCalculator

Distance calculators are used in a lot of mapping programs to determine the distance between two points using longitude and latitude.  How long will it take to traverse that distance on foot? By driving? Adding stops? Taking into account traffic? Which is better, Route A or Route B?

This Distance Calculator is designed for car transportation.

Electricity Cost Calculator by Tawhidur Rahman Dear

How much will my electric bill be given a certain amount of usage?  How much is a certain appliance costing to use each month? This calculator will need access to the internet in order to obtain current electric rates.

Enter in Hours used per day, power use (watts), price (KWh) and calculator Kwh per day, cost per hour, cost per day, cost per month, cost per year.

SalaryBot Salary Calculator (UK) by Cevenco

The salary calculator app for finding out your true UK salary after tax and deductions. Input your gross wage and let the app calculate your tax, deductions and allowances on your salary. The results can be further broken down into yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly data.

Paycheck Calculator (US) by Loop Cupcakes

Calculates how much your take-home pay will be after taxes and deductions.

Salary Calculator by BestCodeSolutions

Calculate your salary for non-regular hourly employees.  Record in the app which days you work (or which days you are off), and it will calculate your salary.

6th Pay Commission Salary by RS eSupport

Salary calculator for commission employees.

PayLab Salary Checker

This is not a calculator, but it is useful information that is needed when trying to figure out your personal finances.  But as with any application like this, it is dependent on the amount of data provided to determine if the information is accurate and realistic.


It is always good to have a well rounded general calculator in different categories: financial, scientific, graphing, general.  But if your needs go beyond what a general calculator can provide, then consider one of the above-mentioned specialty calculators.

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