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Amaiz business is a banking service that provides small businesses, freelancers and start-ups unique tools to meet their banking needs. They fill a gap in the market by providing a chance to their target audience of availing the services that they provide. It’s a smart banking app which boosts your business.

It thrives on customer feedback and is always trying to make their service better by listening and responding to their customers. They have a Customer Care team which caters to any issue or question that the users have.

The purpose of creating this app is to help sole traders and entrepreneurs to have easy access to their finances and the chance to develop and grow while Amaiz handles all their accounting and financing needs.


  1. Accounting services: Provides convenient access to customers for their accounting, book keeping and invoice related queries.
  2. Cash flow: Uses account data to create cash flow charts. Features a balance graph and a profit and loss chart.

iii. Card management: Manages your card and if in any case you misplace your card, with the push of a button you can freeze it to prevent any fraudulent transactions. In any case you find it again or a replacement card is sent then you can unfreeze it via the app.

  1. Invoicing: In-app invoicing tool. You can personalise your invoice with your company logo and a customised colour. It also lets you save invoices as a draft in case a customer keeps changing their mind, or any interruptions.
  2. Accounting software integration: To manage your books, you can easily integrate the Amaiz app with another accounting software to keep your books in order.
  3. Notifications: On the go notifications for any outflow or inflow of money from and to your account.

vii. Security: Multilayered security system to guarantee all your data is protected. Requires video verification and biometric access.


  • User friendly
  • Unique features
  • Easily accessible on the phone and web
  • Relatively low pricing with no surprise charges
  • Caters to all kinds of needs of the business
  • Separate account for personal savings as well


  • May not be compatible with every device
  • Any information or personal data stored on a phone is not completely secure
  • If you use the card abroad, it will charge an extra fee
  • Overdrafting and credit facilities are not available

Is it worth it?

It is actually a great tool for entrepreneurs who are new in the business. The cons are not many and are generic ones that every mobile banking app has. However, Amaiz has gone the extra mile to make sure that its users receive the best experience with them. This is reflected in all the customer reviews, they make sure that their customers complaints and queries are all handled well and are always working to make their experience better. It also brings all types of tools and integrates them in this app. This is why this is such a unique app, because it is very practical. You can concentrate on your business, while this app will do the rest of the work for you!

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