The accounting software giant has recently added Osome in the list of Singapore’s most experienced service providers.

Osome has been granted the status of gold partner by Xero, a public technology company. Xero recognizes Osome’s experience in bookkeeping, accounting and financial matters. It is a very big achievement, as there are only thirty Singapore companies that hold this title.

In case you didn’t know Xero is one of the fastest growing service companies in the world. They have a world-class team of more than two thousand people in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In fact, 2014 and 2015 were the years when Forbes identified Xero as the world’s most innovative growth company.

Osome offers online service to people who want to start their own business in one of the following three countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, or the United Kingdom. Thanks to Osome’s accounting strategy, everything is incredibly simple and convenient. All business owners have to do is send their papers to a secure messenger. After that certified accountants sort them out, generate documents and inform customers if anything is missing.

Konstantin Lange, Osome chief operating officer:

“We are very happy that Xero is satisfied with the work of our accountants. Our goal is to build fantastic products that concentrate on user experience more than on anything else. We want our users to recommend Osome to their friends. It is also very nice to know that Xero recommends us themselves.”

Osome targets its clients proactively, lets them know about all of the upcoming updates, and reminds of the documentation that needs to be sent. Typically, they don’t take longer than 15 minutes to respond, even if it’s late at night.  In addition to accounting, Osome offers, corporate secretarial services, company registration, as well business administration via PC or mobile app. 

Kevin Fitzgerald, Xero managing director:

“Our partners keep making strides in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. They are capable of providing faster and better solutions by leveraging cloud technology, and are great at serving as business advisors to their SME customers. We are very excited to partner with Osome and look forward to closely working with them to develop their business, and have a beneficial impact on the small business community.”

Xero connects company owners, consultants, clients and more with their financial data. Osome is an ideal partner for them, as they recently opened new offices in China, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and have over 1,8 million subscribers throughout the world.

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