“How many hair grafts do I need for a hair transplant?” is one of the primary questions that a hair transplant candidate asks. But, what is a graft in the first place?

Our hair grows in bundles. These bundles are called the follicular units. Each of these units contains 1 to 4 hairs in them. It may go up to 5 hairs in such hair types such as Afro hair with extensive thickness.

The best way to answer this question, clinics ask for the head photographs of the candidate and consult with their surgeon.

How to Calculate the Number of Hair Grafts You Need

The best way to evaluate and determine the number of grafts you need for hair transplant is to consult with a surgeon. An online help from the hair loss communities indeed answers some of the questions. But, determining the graft numbers is a delicate issue.

Patients usually get a consultation from clinics to be able to calculate the number of grafts. They are asked for the photographs of the scalp in areas where there is either receding hairline, or thinning air, or balding.

Nowadays, it is easier to receive a medical expert view in regards to hair transplant procedures. Yet, not every clinic that offers consultation may guide you to the most desired results. The right clinic of your choice should provide you with enough number of services to determine your number of hair grafts.

Some clinics provide hair transplant patients with extra perks like a graft calculator. You can use a graft calculator beforehand to have a rough idea on the number of grafts you need for hair transplant. 

Graft Calculator for Hair Transplant

A hair graft calculator is a tool that you can calculate a rough number of grafts you need with. While a graft calculator cannot directly provide the exact number of grafts, you can benefit from using it.

MCAN Health, a medical travel and assistance company in Istanbul, recently created a graft calculator for hair transplant patients and candidates. Their graft calculator is easy to play with, and calculate the number of grafts approximately. To start using the calculator, first, you need to enter your age. Age is an important factor for hair transplant planning. While using a graft calculator, you simply need to choose the balding or receding areas on the parts of your scalp. Afterwards, by simply adjusting the expected density as in accord with that your natural hair outlook, you will have a roughly calculated number of grafts.

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