When you come across a huge lump sum of money, you either have two options. The first option is to be spontaneous and enjoy life – you could go all out in planning trips, going out, buying what makes you happy, or trying different restaurants, bars, and hotels. But how far would say, £100,000 take you if you choose this lifestyle? A couple of years down the road, all of that money would just disappear, and although you may have accumulated wonderful memories and experiences, there will be a few bad decisions along the way. Probably that once new game console you purchased and only used five or six times? The second option is to be smart enough with the opportunity that you received right in your hands – the ability to plan for your future ahead. With a huge amount like £100,000, you would be able to build the value of your money, most especially if you do not have immediate needs to spend the money right away. There are a lot of best ways to invest 100k, but not all of them can give you great returns for your money. That is why it is important to be keen about it and really assess your options. One of the best ways is to actually know yourself a bit more to assess your investment attitude.

Investment Yields, Terms and Risks

You have to determine the kind of yields you would like to get from a specific investment over a period of time you would be willing to let your money earn. You also have to be keen about the risks you are willing to take in investing your money. Of course it is believed that when it comes to investment, the higher the risk, the higher the yield. But at this age and time, there are actually a lot of smarter ways to invest your money enough to get high yields even though not risking too much. At the end of the day, it would all boil down to your preferences and how much you are willing to go through in order for you to be able to get the best returns in value for your money.

Monitoring of Your Money’s Earnings

If you want to invest your money, you should ask yourself if you want an investment wherein you would need to consistently monitor the earnings or loss of your investment, or if you want an investment that you would absolutely be hands off with but would still continue to earn. Stock investments would require for you to check on a day to day basis the outcome of stock price changes in the stock market, meaning, you would really need to put in a lot of energy, time and effort so that you would be guaranteed of returns and not losses. However, there are some investment opportunities where you could just easily earn passive income without having to lift a finger.

Time Commitment and Diversification of Investments

If you have the luxury of time and you do not need to immediately use your lump sum money, then it is best for it to simply continue accruing in value over time. Most especially because it is best to beat the value of annual inflation you are burdened with each and every year. A good way to consider when investing your money is the opportunity for you to be able to diversify your investments so that you do not have all of your eggs in one basket. This would allow for you to also minimize risks in your own little way by investing in different kinds of investment channels.

Considering the Perfect Investment

If you consider all of the criteria previously mentioned when choosing the best way to invest your £100,000, you might think that there is not a single investment channel that could satisfy your investment profile but at the same time, give you great returns, right? Well, if you are looking for an investment with minimal risk, is high yielding, is passive income, and does not have a too long time commitment all the while with an opportunity of investment diversification, you do not have to look long and hard for it.

Buy2LetCars as An Investment

With Buy2LetCars, you would be able to get the best returns for your money with only a maximum tie up of three months. You would also be able to get the opportunity to invest in other channels, because you would easily and passively receive monthly pay-outs for 36 months. With the money that you get each month, you have the option to spend it on things that you urgently need, re-invest it in other earning opportunities, or simply spend for something that you would enjoy. This would not change the fact that on the 37th month of your investment, you would be able to receive a lump sum and final pay-out which already includes the interest you have earned from your investment.

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