We’d all like to save a little money. Whether it’s saving towards something like a car, or a deposit on a house, or even towards a summer holiday with the family. Sadly, these days many people struggle to make their earnings stretch into their savings pot, as most of their finances are spent on the essentials or set aside for more urgent matters.

But did you know that saving money on your energy bills can quite easily top up your savings throughout the year? It’s true! Here you’ll find 5 simple methods for reducing your energy bills. 

Are you paying too much?

Many people don’t actually know what energy tariff they’re on, which means that they could be paying over the odds for their utilities. The same applies for those who’s homes are heated via oil. The solution? Check out a new supplier such as SuperSaver Oil and find out how much you could be saving. If you’re home is heated and powered via electricity or gas, then head online to a comparison site and see how much you could be saving. As we’re currently in the warmer months of the year, see what deals are available to you, and let the suppliers do all the hard work for you. 

Switch off your lights!

This one sounds simple, but if you have younger children at home then it can feel like a constant battle! Get into the habit of switching off lights as you leave the room and try to get your children into the habit as well. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save, just by doing this simple trick.

Say no to stand by!

Whether it’s the TV, the microwave or even your tablet that you’ve left on charge overnight, leaving this plugged in and on standby is still costing you money! And it all adds up as the year goes on. Wouldn’t you rather have that extra money in your pocket? Get in to the habit of switching everything off if it’s not in use.

Save water

Saving water is vital for the environment and if you’re super careful with your consumption then you can save a little on your bills too. Make sure you’re not leaving the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth or washing up! Opt for more baths than showers as these use less water. Avoid doing lots of little loads of washing and do bigger loads instead and when you’re making that cup of tea – only boil what you need! 

LED bulbs

Most of us are familiar with energy saving light bulbs, however many agree that they’re dull and often leave rooms looking gloomy and dark, they also last on average as long as a traditional light bulb. So, why not make the switch to LEDs instead? LEDs are kinder to the environment as they require less energy to power, they’re up to 80% more efficient than other bulbs, contain no toxic elements – again another point for the environment, they have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and they look stylish too! 

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