Would you like to settle in a villa in Costa del Sol or to have the wonderful views of Barcelona’s Ramblas? If you’re thinking seriously about it, you’d better know the main steps to buy a property in Spain, the best guide to make your dreams come true.

Spain has its own rules, and they can be a Little different from what you are used to in the UK, so knowing what to expect about buying a property in Spain will help you to have all the knowledge you need to take a good decision. Some factor you have to be aware of are the taxes or the fluctuations of Spanish market.

In this respect, merely saying that it’s quite important to have all the information on laws and taxes for British nationals, and all the experts recommend having the support of a lawyer who knows deeply Spain land its law.

Why Spain seems a Paradise for British

British tourists go to Spain looking for the sun, the beach and the warm weather, and many of them decide to buy a second home in this country to have their summer holidays guaranteed and as an investment. In the Canary Islands, for example, one of the most visited Spanish destination for tourist from other countries, English represented about 25% of the tourist presence.

The fact is that people from United Kingdom love to spend their summer holiday on the Spanish coast. According to some studies carried out from the Ministry of Industry, two out of ten tourists that visit Spain are British, and the same survey shows that their favourite destinations are the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Andalusia. One of the most important reasons to visit this country is because of the weather, the same that make them think seriously think about buying a property.

Moreover, buying a house, an flat or even a fantastic villa in one of the most beautiful places in Spain is cheap if we compare it this the same kind of property in UK.

Maybe it will be because of the calm waters we find in Costa Brava, maybe it will be the virgin coves placed in the Balearic Islands or that great and beautiful fine sand of Costa de la Luz. Reasons are many to want to go to visit the paradise from time to time with the freedom that you have if you buy a property in Spain, the pleasure of enjoying the excellent Spanish gastronomy, the privilege to visit their lands or to know the culture and tradition of this country.

No matter which the reasons are, because as we have seen there are many, the fact is that Spain is for British the most similar to Paradise in Earth and many of them look for a property to have their dreams come true. If you are one of those thinking about it, do not forget to have all the information you need to be completely sure about how things about land and properties work in Spain.

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