Smartphones are becoming so addictive that people dread losing them through theft, misplacement or damage. Some individuals cannot survive a day without their beloved smartphones and consider it worse to lose them that their keys or wallets.

Considering the cost of these gadgets, it would be only fair to agree with smartphone owners and their concerns about losing them. It is possible that the next generation smartphone will be worth $500 or more. This is far more expensive than owning an entry-level computer that is self-built. With such an expensive gadget, it would only make sense to have it insured against catastrophes.

However, not every smartphone insurance plan is worth its value. Consider weighing between the insurance price and the protection you will get against your device’s value. Some cheap insurance plans are more than enough for most people. Here are the 5 top phone insurers you will get on the market.

SwitchedOn Mobile Phone Insurance

This is the ideal student phone insurance. It covers accidental & maliciously caused damage, loss, theft and also unauthorised use. With this policy, there are no limits on how many damage, loss or theft claims that you can file in a single year. Also, at least 93% of their claims get approved. Their engineers are also highly skilled to ensure that any repaired device is returned to its owner in perfect working condition. They also do not charge return postage costs to their customers. This is definitely the best policy a student can go for.

Protect Your Bubble

This cover is ideal for low excess costs or older phone models. With only £ 50, they insure a phone against damage or breakdown and just £75 for theft or loss. To qualify for this plan, the customers must have purchased the phones within the last one year. Anyone looking to insure new Samsung models and iPhone X should be prepared to pay more than the standard rates.

Gadget Cover

This plan is ideal for insuring a shared phone. This is because it extends to cover any damage that might be caused by a person of your immediate family while operating the handset. Their prices begin from an average of £2.99 each month, covering loss as an optional extra. Any devices that cost £500 get or more covered with an excess of £50 and if more, the customer gets to pay £75.


This is great for immediate replacements. In case customers lose their phones, or they get stolen damaged or beyond repair, they are entitled to replacements within a single working day. Unlike with other phone insurers, Endsleigh considers your occupation, age and any other important details when calculating the rate. This means that prices will be different. However, a loss is usually included by default. The good news is that the client’s phone can even be more than three years old when they start paying for the cover.


This insurance offers two kinds of cover. These include standard and full varieties. The latter covers accidental damage, theft and loss. In case of unauthorised use, they cover up to £1,000. However, any person owning an iPhone has to pay for a separate policy for the same. Any client who buys the cover annually instead of monthly gets a discount.

With smartphones becoming so important in people’s lives, it is very important to have them insured. This is because people store very important files and documents on their phones and would suffer a great loss in case anything happens to their devices.

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