With technology advancing each day, it has become very easy for hackers to steal unsuspecting people’s passwords. Security is a critical element in any organisation, and that is why they should put extra measures in place to safeguard their employees’ sensitive information and data. One such strategy is employing identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

What is Identity and Access Management?

It can be described as an information security field that gives users the permission to get access to the right technology results in a timely manner. It uses three concepts, namely identification authorisation and authentication. When these three processes are brought together, they make sure that specified users get the permissions they require to carry out their duties while keeping unauthorised users away from any sensitive information or even resources.

Before a user can access the system, he or she has to confirm their identity through the use of a username. The system then needs to verify that the person is who he or she claims to be through authentication. This process may use basic information like passwords or rely on advanced technologies like token-based authentication and biometrics.

Once the user is finally authenticated, the IAM system proceeds to verify the authorisation process so that he or she can perform whatever activity he requested for. Proof of identity is not enough as the system needs to make sure that he or she only carries out actions that fall within their authority scope.

The Importance of Identity and Access Management

It Enables Access to Multiple Applications

Your workers will be able to access multiple applications on different devices remotely via one cloud-based system. Once they start their job, they can access all the applications, but once they leave the premises, all these apps disappear. This means that your business will benefit from the speed it needs while the company‘s integrity remains intact.

It offers more effective Access to Resources

When your employees get access through a centralised environment, they enjoy the advantage of a single sign-on technique. This technology restricts the number of instances they get with the security system while increasing the success of the chances of their legitimate access attempts.

Enhanced Data Security

The identity access management technology consolidates the authentication and authorisation functions on one platform. This allows the IT personnel to better manage their users’ access. If an employee leaves the organisation, the information technology administrators can revoke his/her access to the identity access management. Such revocation takes effect automatically across all the concerned platforms.

Helps with the Seamless Performance of Companies

There is a need for organisations to move more seamlessly and faster when delivering services. This includes offering their employees, customers and partners fast and secure access to whatever they want and whenever they are in need of it. IAM will definitely help them accomplish this by allowing information technology control, compliance and security in a seamless manner.

Lowered Security Costs

When your administrators use a single identity access management platform in managing the access of all your employees, their work becomes more efficient. They will not be required to do any additional work to integrate new systems into the platform. However, they will be in a position to dedicate more of their time managing the platform, which will help them save money and time in the process.

Companies use a lot of money looking for solutions to their security problems. However, with IAM, they can relax in the knowledge that their data is secure, and they don’t need to spend extra money to safeguard their sensitive information and data.

If you are looking for identity management solutions for your company, consider ProofID. They will help you with any security-related problems.

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