The Motability Scheme has made it easier for disabled drivers to retain their independence. However, it can be difficult working out whether or not it’s going to be an affordable option. The scheme doesn’t provide vehicles for free. Instead, they are leased out and paid for through the driver’s Disability allowance.

Here, you’ll discover how much leasing through the Motability schemes costs and whether it’s the right option for you.

How much will it cost?

The Motability scheme has definitely made it more affordable for disabled drivers to stay on the road. However, the costs can vary significantly. The main thing which will affect how much you need to pay is the type of vehicle you opt for.

As a general rule, electric powered scooters and wheelchairs tend to cost much less than a car. If you do need a car, there are three different price options available. The first is to search for cars which cost less than your mobility allowance. The second is to search for a car which would use up all of your mobility allowance. Then the third is to pay an advance non-refundable payment, as well as your entire mobility allowance to get a much wider choice of cars.

It’s worth noting, the costs are always taken out of just your mobility allowance and not other parts of your disability allowance. So, the best way to see how much it will cost to lease a car through the mobility scheme, is to search through their current list of available models and choose how much of your allowance you’re willing to part with.

What are my alternatives?

The Motability Scheme is the best way to afford a customised mobility vehicle and you can find suitable models through dealerships such as Allied Mobility. If an advance payment is needed, you may also be eligible for an assistance grant through the Motability charity.

Besides the Motability scheme, many dealerships also provide their own financial plans to make buying a vehicle more attainable. If you’d prefer to buy rather than lease, it’s worth looking at these direct financial plans.

There’s many ways to help disabled drivers get and stay on the road these days. If you’re hoping to go through the Motability Scheme, the costs will very much depend upon the type of car you’re interested in. Take advantage of online comparison tools and search features to get an idea of which models you can afford.

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