Particularly when selling chains are involved, it would be fair to say that the emphasis on getting your home to sell quickly is of paramount importance. It’s something that doesn’t potentially impact you, but countless others who might be involved in the dreaded housing chain.

Unfortunately, some homes just don’t sell. The national average might be classed as six weeks, but as some owners will testify the whole saga can drag on for months and months before a buyer is eventually found. This is one of the reasons why many people are turning to a national home buyer service, in a bid to speed up the process and get their move initiated.

Following on from the above, if you are in the boat of attempting to sell your home in a record speed, here are some of the most tried-and-tested methods of doing so. Many are just minor alterations, but the difference in the eyes of your potential buyer can be astronomical.

Leave the estate agent to their own devices

If you still live in your home, this can be one of the most common pitfalls. It might be tempting to do all of the legwork yourself, but as soon a viewing is confirmed make sure it’s the estate agent who is doing the talking and showing the prospective buyer around.

The estate agents are trained what to say in this environment. They know the typical questions – and they always have the right answers. They also know when to leave the viewer to his or her own devices. This is something that comes with experience and something that many sellers just don’t have the knack of getting right.

Don’t underestimate the smell of your property

Some people will invest in wholesale changes when it comes to selling their property, but let’s hone in one of the simplest.

As strange as it might sound, the smell of a property can be a deal breaker for some people. Even if the layout and everything else is dreamy for your potential buyer – if there are bad smells lurking around it’s sufficient to be off-putting.

We’re not going to speculate what these smells are; some might be temporary such as cooking odours, while others might be dust and other historic scents.

Investing in scents to mask these odours can be incredibly valuable.

Make your windows personal

There’s a heavy emphasis on de-personalising a house during the selling process. This is a matter that is up for debate, but something we are going to suggest is actually making your windows personal.

In other words, under no circumstances should you market a property which has bare windows. Always ensure that blinds or curtains are in place, as these just add the homely feel. Without them, the property can feel unkempt, while it also screams out to potential buyers that there is a lot of immediate work required before they settle in properly.

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