As your small business grows, you may find that it becomes difficult to handle the day-to-day operations on your own. The addition of new employees, updated tech, and increased marketing may quickly overwhelm you when you try to juggle it all. From finding the right kind of business insurance to increasing your digital marketing budget, there is much to do. If your business is growing rapidly, there are several services you may want to consider outsourcing to give yourself some breathing room and to help you focus on the most important aspects of your company.

1.      Social Media Manager

If you are using a variety of social media platforms to boost your business and to take advantage of free advertising, hiring someone skilled with these tools can help free you from the demands of answering tweets, creating YouTube videos, and finding effective hashtags and keywords to use within your posts. A social media manager can create and schedule posts, manage replies, and post during peak social media traffic hours.

There are several attributes you can look for when hiring a social media manager. He or she should be self-directed, organized, and have a solid grasp of grammar and punctuation. Experienced social media managers should be able to show you examples of their past work and how their ideas may have helped improve business for other companies.

2.      Accountant

Payroll, incoming accounts, and tax information can be daunting for you to handle on your own, especially once your business starts to grow. Hiring an accountant to handle the financial end of your business not only frees you to focus on continuing to grow your business, the individual you hire can ensure that you are following state and federal tax laws, which can change rapidly. Having an accountant on staff can also prevent payment delays, which might shake your employees’ confidence in you and the company.

3.      Company Lawyer

Once your company reaches a certain size, hiring a company lawyer can help protect it from frivolous lawsuits, certain charges made by clients, and other situations where you might need legal representation. A company lawyer can also advise you about issues related to workers compensation laws, which can vary from state to state or change often. Having a lawyer on retainer can help you save on legal fees and avoid wasted time that might result from having to find one when a problem arises.

4.      Financial Advisor

Whether you plan on investing globally or want to set up a retirement fund, working with a financial advisor or an advisory company can help you invest wisely and put your money to work for you in the most effective way possible. Some companies, such as The Street, can help you strategize for the future by offering you a variety of information related to retirement planning.

The individual or company you work with should be able to provide you with services that can accommodate your growing business. If a business is too large, you may find yourself lost in a sea of clients and one that is hindered by limited services may slow the growth of your business as well. Taking the time to find a financial advisor that can adjust to your company’s growth rate may help you invest and plan how to use your capital more effectively.

5.      Human Resources Manager

Once your company grows to the point where you have a dozen or more employees, you may want to think about hiring a human resources manager. This type of professional can help you handle incoming resumes, assist with hiring decisions, ensure all new employees are made aware of safety rules and regulations, and handle minor complaints from existing workers.

The individual you hire for this position should be outgoing, experienced, an effective communicator, and show the ability to solve interpersonal problems. During the interview process, you may want to ask prospective hires how they might improve your company’s culture and work to create a positive work environment, as these two facets of your business can be vital to morale and productivity.

Your growing business sometimes requires that you wear many hats. However, hiring a staff of experienced and knowledgeable advisors, financial planners, and social media gurus can help free you from being overtaxed and allow you to focus on the continued growth and success of your company.


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