Unless you have spent the last few years living under a rock, you will probably know that Harrogate has won a host of awards for being one of the best (and not to mention expensive) places to live in the UK. Luxury and cost often go hand-in-hand, of course, while there is no doubt that this quaint Yorkshire town is continuing to evolve at a rapid rate.

Always charming and picturesque, Harrogate has also benefited from increased investment and regeneration in recent times. In terms of luxury house the Old Police Station Harrogate offers a relevant example, with this Grade II-listed building having been repurposed and turned into high-end real estate.

With this in mind, why is Harrogate once of the most idyllic places to live in the UK, and what are the features that define it?

Education, Education, Education

If you are currently budgeting for your new home, you will most likely consider a wide range of factors. As a family-oriented buyer, one of the most important consideration is the quality of the local schools, as being in a viable catchment area enables your child to enjoy the best possible education.

This also enables vendors to add a premium on to the value of their homes, of course, which explains why Harrogate is one of the most popular and also expensive locations for families.

Analysis from research group Savills confirms that Harrogate has the highest percentage of pupils in high-performing schools in Yorkshire and the Humber, with parents spoilt for choice at both primary and secondary level. Harrogate Grammar School certainly provides an outstanding level of education for older students, with the demand for places increasing at a rapid rate.

Explore True History and Heritage

Another key thread to the fabric of Harrogate is its rich heritage, with history buffs likely to have a field day in the diverse Yorkshire town. This is celebrated throughout the region, which is proud of its history as a spa town and its role in defining British culture.

The famous Royal Pump Room Museum is perhaps the jewel in Harrogate’s crown, located on the region’s long-standing Victorian Pump Room and one of the oldest spa resources in the whole of the UK. This building is also home to a dazzling array of Egyptian artefacts and numerous relics related to Victorian spa treatments, while it boasts the oldest sulphur well in Europe.

This is just part of the diverse and unique appeal of Harrogate, which continues to draw visitors from across the globe on an annual basis.

Bask and Unwind in the Great Outdoors

We cannot discuss Harrogate and its appeal without mentioning its terrain, as the town is home to some truly stunning sights and outdoor shows.

The spring on autumn sees nationally renowned flower shows at Harrogate’s Great Yorkshire Showground, for example, which is open to the country’s most avid landscapers, growers and garden designers. Plant admirers may also be drawn to Harlow Carr, which is located just to the west of Harrogate and renowned as one of only four allocated Royal Horticultural Society Gardens in the UK.

You can also explore miles of wilderness in the stunning Forest of Bowland and the Yorkshire Dales National Park, with Harrogate home to some of the most idyllic terrain and landscape in the whole of Britain.

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