While motorhomes have not always been considered as a mainstream mode of travel, this perception has begun to shift in recent times.

According to the NCC, UK motorhome sales are continuing to increase at an incredible rate, with this growth largely being attributed to new customers. Last year saw a sales increase of 20.4%, for example, while new registrations also increased to create retail value of £150 million.

If you are looking to join the revolution and purchase your first motorhome, however, you will need to tread carefully when organising finance. Here are some tips to help you get the best possible deal:

Optimise Your Credit Score and Minimise the Amount That You Borrow

In many ways, financing the purchase of a motorhome is similar to buying a house. It requires a secured loan, for example, while you will also need an excellent credit score if you are to be successful.

Your starting point when looking to finance the purchase of a motorhome should therefore be to review and improve your credit score, so that it is optimised in time for the application to be processed.

Similarly, strive to build as much of a deposit and down-payment as possible prior to finalising an agreement. This can reduce the amount that you have to borrow, minimising your risk and monthly repayments in the process.

Set Your Budget When Comparing the Marketplace

This is arguably the most important step to follow, as the establishment of a rigid and clearly defined budget prevents you from spending outside of your means.

If you choose to compare the market and outlets such as kentmotorhomes.co.uk without a budget, for example, you run the risk of being swayed by alluring but costly products that are available to buy. In contrast, the establishment of a budget ensures that you confine your initial search to motorhomes that you can afford, giving you free reign in terms of choice.

On a final note, try to operate at the lower end of your budget wherever possible. This affords you greater financial breathing space and reduces your financial liability over time.

Shop Around for the Best Interest Rate

The interest rate that you are offered on your financing deal is also critical, as this will have a direct impact on your repayments. If you can minimise this in line with the prevailing base interest rate, you can reduce your long-term liability and achieve far greater value for your hard-earned money.

When liaising with dealers, do not be afraid to negotiate directly in a bid to reduce the interest rate. Clearly longer-term finance agreements offer you access to a lower rate of repayment, while a positive credit score can also be used as leverage to secure the best deal.

At the very least, you should keep your eye on interest rates and make sure that you are aware of how they are likely to impact on your repayments.

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