Live dealer casinos have not been around for very long yet they have already become an integral part of the online casino experience that players in the UK expect and it is clear that they are here to stay.

Most reputed online casinos all now offer a live casino as part of its games package, they understand that casino players want more and more games that heighten the interactive experience they feel when playing at their online casino of choice. So why do UK casino gamblers love playing live casino dealer games online?

First and foremost, is that UK players can now access a full range of tables which include blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and side betting options from their homes or mobile device immediately. They no longer need concern themselves with all the hassle and expense normally associated with visiting a traditional casino. Let’s be honest visiting a casino in the UK is not the same as a night out at a Las Vegas casino or most casinos you find in major European cities. The game selection and the number of tables offered are very limited and the only other real entertainment to be had are the bar and maybe a restaurant at a bricks and mortar casino.

The real deal!

When compared to the virtual table games that online casinos offer there are many plusses for live dealer lounges as well.

Firstly, live casinos allow players to see exactly what’s going on during gameplay in real time. The technology in live-play takes away your doubts about the legitimacy of the game. Many live lounges have a television on a news channel in the background to further reassure you that the game is not rigged. Virtual table games use a random number generator to mimic the live version. Many players still doubt their authenticity even though their fears are on the whole unfounded as sites are regularly tested for fairness and randomness by independent companies.

Another great advantage of a live casino is the social aspect and atmosphere, it is the closest online experience to a traditional casino you can get. The dealer is able to talk to you directly and all players involved can talk to him and each other via chat. As most dealers tend to be attractive women in their 20-30’s this is another plus for many male players. Being able to hear genuine casino game noises coming from your table and surrounding tables makes you feel you are actually at a real casino whilst not having to get out of your slippers. Virtual tables are unable to replicate anything that comes remotely close to this.

Two areas where the virtual tables may get the upper hand are game selection and speed of play. Virtual tables are able to offer the full spectrum of table games whereas a live casino will offer a select amount. At a virtual table, you dictate the speed of play, not the live dealer meaning you can get through more games quicker. An advantage for action junkies or those with a small time window.

Future of live casino games

Online casinos have also realised that they are able to customise their live games in keeping with their player’s needs and their unique brand. The generation labeled millennials (those who reached adulthood by the year 2000) prefer live games rather than the latest video slots to get their fix simply because they have grown up with technology. They are bored of games of pure chance and veer towards games of skill that offer social interaction. By 2020, over half the workforce in the UK will be filled by millennials and it is vital that online casinos meet their needs in order to thrive and stay one step ahead of the intense competition found in the online casino world.


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