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[] – “MICROBIRTH”, a new documentary warns how our child can have serious repercussions in their lifelong health as an effect of modern day birth practices.

“Microbirth” looks at childbirth in a whole new way; through the lens of a microscope. Featuring Ivy League scientists, The film, with the help of Ivy League scientists,  investigates the latest research that is starting to indicate that modern birth practices could be interfering with critical biological processes and how this could be making children more susceptible to disease later in life.

Recent population studies have shown babies born by Caesarean Section have approximately:

Increased risk of developing asthma by 20%

Increased risk of obesity  by 20%

Increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes by 20%

The immune system is the link to all these conditions.

In the film, scientists debate that Caesarean Section’s could be interfering with “the seeding of the baby’s microbiome”, which is an important microbiological process, that allows bacteria to be transferred from mother to baby in the birth canal. This could lead to the baby’s immune system may not develop to its full potential as a result . Another theory is that stresses and hormones which are associated with natural birth could switch on or off genes that are related to the immune system and metabolism. This may affect these epigenetic processes if the baby is born by C-Section,

Dr Rodney R Dietert, Professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell University,speaking on the subject said, “Over the past 20-30 years, we’ve seen dramatic increases in childhood asthma, type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease, childhood obesity. We’ve also seen increases in Caesarean delivery. Does Caesarean cause these conditions? No. What Caesarean does is not allow the baby to be seeded with the microbes. The immune system doesn’t mature. And the metabolism changes. It’s the immune dysfunction and the changes in metabolism that we now know contribute to those diseases and conditions.”

Dr Matthew Hyde, Research Associate of Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College London went on further to suggest, ”We are increasingly seeing a world out there with what is really a public health time-bomb waiting to go off. And the research we are doing suggests it is only going to get worse, generation on generation. So tomorrow’s generation really is on the edge of the precipice unless we can begin to do something about it.”

The film’s co-Director Toni Harman who is so passionate about the subject of a safe birthing process said, “The very latest scientific research is starting to indicate that the microscopic processes happening during childbirth could be critical for the life-long health of the baby. We are hoping “Microbirth” raises awareness of the importance of “seeding the microbiome” for all babies, whether born naturally or by C-Section, to give all children the best chance of a healthy life. This could be an exciting opportunity to improve health across populations. And it all starts at birth”.

“MICROBIRTH” is premiering with hundreds of public screenings around the world on Saturday 20th September 2014.



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