With fuel prices continuing to increase, a growing number of motorists are shunning motorway service centres in favour of local petrol stations. A recent Daily Telegraph study has revealed that as many as nine in ten businesspeople, many of which enjoy fuel paid for by their companies, are avoiding expensive motorway service stations.

The survey revealed that over a quarter of motorists have actively avoided using the petrol stations located beside major motorways, primarily due to the large increase in fuel prices. Petrol at motorway service stations is as much as 10 p higher than at suburban petrol stations and supermarket forecourts, according to the survey.

Because of the large difference in pricing, a growing number of motorists are price shopping for their petrol. The difference in price between Britain’s least expensive fuel outlets and its premium motorway service stations is as much as £10 when a motorist fills their tank to its limit.

Fuel pricing advocacy group FairFuel claims that over 80 percent of British families were decreasing their household spending in an effort to afford petrol. Petrol prices have continually increased over the past twelve months, with highway service areas seeing the largest price increase relative to past petrol prices.

Motorway service centres are suffering from the price increases, with several low-cost motorway service companies claiming that they’re suffering from an industry-wide distrust of their businesses. The service centres claim that they need to keep their prices relatively high to make up for the high cost of operating their centres.

Unlike many local petrol stations, most motorway service centres operate 24 hours per day, aiming to provide maximum accessibility for motorists. Many operate at a low profit margin during night time hours, when far fewer motorists are using the motorway network.

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