Property prices showing slow down
29 Oct
Written by Kate Faulkner

Property prices showing slow down »

Latest data from the Land Registry shows that things are starting to slow down and even the powerhouse of property prices: London has Read more…

Consumers Becoming More Confident About Credit
24 Oct
Written by Sam Allcock

Consumers Becoming More Confident About Credit »

Consumers are becoming less weary of credit, leading to an increase in demand for credit cards and home mortgages. A report from Read more…

UK Mortgages at ‘Most Affordable Level in 14 Years’
18 Aug
Written by Sam Allcock

UK Mortgages at ‘Most Affordable Level in 14 Years’ »

New figures indicate that mortgage rates are at their most affordable level since the late 1990s. On average, borrowers spend approximately 27 Read more…

New fears in mortgage market »


The data for April has just been released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and it paints a grim picture of the mortgage Read more…

Mortgage costs rise for seventh consecutive month »


While mortgages remain difficult to qualify for, the most popular at the moment appears to be the fixed-rate two year mortgage but this Read more…

Mortgage rates increase today »


The year is only one-third over and it seems as though the news goes from bad to worse in the area of personal Read more…

Mortgage fraud indicative of financial stress »


It has recently been publicised that millions of mortgages are in forbearance and millions more homes either in repossession or about to be Read more…

Interest only mortgage loans subject of controversy »


Recent statistics released by the FSA indicate that the housing market is really not faring as well as it appears to be on Read more…

Mortgage rates on the rise »


On top of already declining numbers of home sales, two of the UK’s leading mortgage lenders are announcing a rise in the cap Read more…

Homeowners becoming accidental landlords
3 Mar
Written by Sam Allcock

Homeowners becoming accidental landlords »


A relatively new phenomenon is sweeping the UK and that is the fact that homeowners looking to sell their homes have turned into Read more…