Our age is becoming an increasingly digital one and as such so is the way we communicate on both a business and a personal level. Whether it’s through email, social media or through digital web forms, the way in which businesses both large and small are communicating with their clients is changing. The humble business card though is a staple of offline marketing the relevance of which isn’t fading even as the world around it becomes more binary. It’s still an essential way for a business to present itself to potential new clients.

A business card is one of the easiest things for a business owner or representative to make and to carry. Take a company such as Helloprint UK, which offers affordable and hassle free printing. Simply choose the design and the text, order, and high-quality business cards are on their way in moments. This is something that anyone can do and it means a business is not dependant on a potential client owning a smart device before they can be targeted. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the reasons business cards are still the best.

The Personal Touch

Networking effectively is all about building personal connections with individuals, something that simply can’t be done through a digital medium. The face to face element of a conversation, however brief, ending with handing someone something as small and simple as a business card, makes a surprisingly lasting impression. While through digital means a business may have thousands of people’s attention for a split second, with a business card a single person’s attention may be completely captivated. As a business owner, you never know just who you’re going to meet or when. It could be stuck on a train, in an airport departure lounge, even a three-minute ride in a lift could be enough to make a lasting impression on a potentially important client. A business card takes no effort at all to carry and could be just the ticket to make that client give your business a second thought.

Make the right First Impression

A business card allows a business to make a small, portable and easily shared insight into their business. It allows their creativity to flow free which means that customers can quickly get an insight into what that business has to offer. Fonts, design choices and the words used all come together to paint a sub conscious picture in a potential client’s mind. A well-made and creative business card gives business both large and small the opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Designing a unique business card online isn’t difficult either. A wide variety of cards can be easily designed and printed in no time. Choose the fonts, the designs, the colours and the information that really boil down the essence of your brand into a concise and easy to deliver package. They will add that special touch to any networking opportunity and serve to make a lasting impression.

Be creative and show You’re Prepared

A well-made business card gives the impression that a business takes itself seriously and is making a concerted effort to further its opportunities for success. That gives a very positive message to potential clients. After all, if a business owner isn’t willing to invest their time and resources into a business, potential clients can’t be expected to either. A business card that’s well made, concise and creative shows a business has something unique to offer and that it values the personal touch. In the world today where more and more information is shared digitally, there are a great number of people for whom that alone will be enough to create all the positive impression a business can need. Also, the business card that’s had some time and resources invested in it isn’t just going to reach one person. One single business card may pass through the hands of three or four or even more people. When chatting they’ll say “Hey, have you seen this?” and pass it to the person they’re talking to, who in turn will do the same thing when they’re next talking with someone. This grows exponentially and before you know it only a handful of cards have passed through the hands of possibly dozens of people.

To Conclude

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that the business card is here to stay. They are affordable, highly convenient and extremely effective in giving businesses of all sizes that extra special touch when networking. Don´t wait any longer and start designing your own business cards online. You never know when that perfect networking opportunity will present itself – be prepared.


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